Plus Signs & Butterflies

It all started with a little “+” sign, staring back at me from the countertop of my bathroom sink.  I knew what it was, knew what it meant, but just stood there examining it with my wide mouth open.  When I called for Marty, he could tell from the tone of my voice that something was up.  He stood with me and we just stared, mouths open in awe, for about 2 minutes until one of us was brave enough to say it.  “You’re pregnant, Evee!” And then the jumping up and down began and persisted for the next 5 minutes.  And that’s how it all started…

So here I am, 13 weeks along and loving every single minute of it. July 28 is our big due date (which ironically is exactly 9 months from my 29th birthday, October 28 – how’s that for a birthday present?!) and we are absolutely over the moon about becoming parents.  If there was anything in life that I was absolutely sure about for as long as I could remember, it was that I longed to be a Mom.  I always knew that I would be someday, whether I adopted my children, had five of my own, or did it as a single parent, I was certain that being a mother would be one of the leading roles that I would play in this lifetime.  Funny enough, when I met my husband, one of the initial striking things that I noticed about him was knowing, right off the bat, that he would make an amazing Dad one day.  I can’t wait to see him with our little one; it’s a recurring dream that’s been playing over and over in my head since the day I met him, and I can’t believe it’s actually going to be a reality so soon.

For those of you who know us and those of you who do not, this blog is the story of our lives, from this day forward as we embark on becoming parents.  Hopefully we wont bore you to death, gross you out with TMI, or make you sick at how much we gush over what is to come and our anticipations about meeting our little one.  Hope you enjoy the ride as much as we are – we are savoring every minute of it.