Belly Bump at 19 Weeks, 2 Days

19 weeks, 2 days

OK, so this is obviously not the best picture to show off my bump, but I like my outfit and wanted to post it anyways.  We took this Friday night on our way to Chez Leon.  Marty and I decided to celebrate our new jobs and little girl with some decadent French food at the Clayton restaurant where two of our best friends work.

When you’re nearly 20 weeks pregnant and you just spent the day trying on maternity clothes (Ugh, don’t EVEN get me started) and you get to dress up and hit the town with your husband, it’s always a good thing.  Plus, not one but TWO people told me that I was “very tall and beautiful” on my way to and from the restroom at Chez so I was feeling pretty darn good by then. 🙂

For all the foodies out there like us, here’s what we had for dinner:  Marty had the Pates Maison (country pate and chicken liver mousse) and to start and I had the Lyonnaise salad.  The salad was A-MAZ-ING, but what isn’t amazing with cubed warm bacon and a poached egg on top of it?  For my entree, I chose the seared tuna with peppercorn cream sauce (The little girl can’t have sushi, so this is the closest thing) which was insanely delicious.  Marty had the strip steak, medium rare, which he topped with the most fantastic Roquefort cheese and drank with a lively Pinot Noir (I can’t wait to have wine again, have I mentioned that?).  For dessert, we shared a zesty limon tarte that has the tastiest shortbread cookie crust served with fresh raspberries, along with the Tart Tatin, a caramel apple tart baked and served with vanilla ice cream.  Need I say more?  Mom, Dad, and baby went to bed with happy bellies that night. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Belly Bump at 19 Weeks, 2 Days

  1. Oh that outfit is super cute, girl! If you ever feel the need for some company while shopping, you know I’m always in! Lauren

  2. you look great! i’ll go maternity shopping with you this week if u want it you go shoe shopping with me so i can get a discount i want to get 2 new pairs of heels and one flats.

  3. hi guys! Erin what a treasure this will be for you & your own little family to look back on. I just had to comment because I was so tickled about you being told twice about your beauty on the way to the restaurant! lol. Whenever I have seen pics of Marty & you, I always gush at how beautiful and glamorous you look….seriously! I know its crazay and I do think Marty is very cute too, but I always think you two look simply amazing together. very excited for you!!

  4. Wow thanks for the great review 🙂 And I love the wig picture! now lets post some real bump pictures. maybe matt fill post one with you afetr a dinner and we can see if his food baby is bigger LOL

  5. Oh, Erin! you look lovely! so happy to see this blog you created. excited to see a little baby girl. . .half way there!

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