Almost 25-Weeks-Along Update

Hi there!  Sorry it’s been forever since I last posted, things have been quite busy at the Buehler household.  We’ve been hit with spring fever & I rarely pick up my laptop unless I have something work related to do in the evenings.  Marty & I have been spring cleaning, gardening, taking the girls on long walks at night, and giving our grill a good workout these days.  Bring on the warm weather!  Here’s a little update on what’s new on the pregnancy side of our lives:

How far along: 24 weeks & 4 days (6 months!) Only 15 weeks and 3 days until my due date.

What’s baby up to these days: Kicking and moving around like crazy!  First time movement this past week includes both bladder and rib kicks that get stronger and stronger everyday.

How I’m feeling: Holy heartburn! Me and Tums are good friends these days.  I often wonder about the old wives tale that frequent heartburn is a sign of a full head of hair.  Guess we’ll see…

Foods I’m craving: Eggs (Gotta get those Omega 3’s for optimal brain and organ development) and ICE CREAM.

What I’m missing & bumming about: A glass of wine with dinner, my waistline, and knowing I won’t be able to rock a bikini like I did last summer.

Belly Button: Still in, but pushed out to the max! (Stay in there please!)

Workouts: My energy level is f-a-d-i-n-g FAST, but I’m still trying to keep up my game with cardio 3 times a week and weekly prenatal yoga sessions.

Milestones: My pregnancy is now considered viable outside the womb.

Looking forward to: Getting the little ladies room set up – we can’t wait to get started!


3 thoughts on “Almost 25-Weeks-Along Update

  1. It’s so exciting to see your big belly now. I can’t wait to see the little lady. You will be a great mom. All of the heartburn will be so worth it in the end. Being a mom is the best thing that I could ever ask for.

  2. Oh honey! You look so great! I’m missing you guys like crazy and I’m so glad everything is going well! By the way, if you ever need an ice cream eating buddy, you just let me know 🙂 Love ya

  3. You look Great!!! You’ll be back to drinking your wine before you know it and you & “Mini Erin” will be rockin that bikini soon too!

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