29 weeks and counting – 74 days to DD

Baby is now: 29 weeks, 3 days (7 1/4 months)
Total weight gain: 26 lbs.
Baby Update: She is beginning  a rapid growth phase and will put on about a half pound per week and triple her weight by my due date.
Due date: Still July 28, although my doctor says that I’m measuring 3 weeks ahead.
Cravings: Yogurt, cereal & ice cream 🙂
Belly button: It’s out.  Yep, I’m officially an outie and there’s no hiding it.  I feel like its my pregnancy badge everytime I wear a tight t-shirt.
Movement/Kicking: She’s a maniac.  Especially at night and after spicy food like Indian & Thai.
What I’m looking forward to: Setting up her room & my upcoming baby shower!

I know.  I’ve been a bad blogger and neglected to post for weeks, but things have been very busy at the Buehler Baby Farm.  Besides growing this this little lady inside of me, I’ve been very busy with spring cleaning and dealing with a poorly scheduled (but extremely necessary) bathroom remodel.  Marty, myself, Roxy, and Leyla Jane had to move in with my parents (plus sister, three dogs, and a cat) for about a week while our shabby, crumbling ’50s bathroom was completely renovated/updated.  We’re back home now & just finishing the final touches on the bathroom (don’t worry, I’ll post pics soon!)  HUGE Thank You! to my parents & sis for letting us stay with them taking such good care of us for a whole week, Marty’s Mom Lin for all of her help and expertise with painting, and Brother-In-Law John for rewiring the lighting and doing the electricity.  We are forever indebted to you all!

Anyways, back home and back to normal this week and I’ve vowed to put more time and energy into blogging as we spend these last 10 weeks (I KNOW – 10 WEEKS!!) preparing for the arrival of our little girl.

Check out my 29-week bump pic above, this was taken on Mother’s Day at Marty’s mom’s home on Lake Serene.  This one doesn’t really do any justice for the major bump I’m sporting these days, so the picture below will give you a good idea of what I’m carting around these days.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of renovations and our busy lifestyles, Marty and I just can’t help but catch ourselves in full nesting mode and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little Miss.  We can’t wait to look into her little eyes and try to comprehend how she is truly a product of the both of us – it’s just the most mind-boggling thing.  We know that our world is about to be turned upside down in a way that we can only dream about and won’t fully understand until we get to meet her.  We just can’t wait!


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