And we’re calling her…

I guess it’s about time we let the cat out of the bag.  It’s not really a secret but we haven’t formally announced what her name will be.  We’re so excited to meet Miss Everly Grace – we think the name is beautiful and hope you all do too!

These are wooden baby blocks that actually made myself – I know, crazy right?  Watch out Everly Grace, your Mama is starting to get crafty!

Baby it’s HOT Outside – 35 Weeks & Counting

95 degrees and carrying around a watermelon, no big deal…  We’re not in Kansas anymore and this baby is not quite the little peanut she used to be.  Surprisingly, things have been going pretty great – I’ve been keeping cool with lots o’ air conditioning, ice cream, and popsicles.  Cannot believe we’ve made it this far!  Here’s a little update on what’s new with me, Marty & baby:

How far along: 35 weeks, 3 days
Sleep: Let’s just say I’m getting up quite often to use the loo
Favorite moment this week: Painting the nursery & seeing everything come into place! (Don’t worry, pics are on the way as soon as a few finishing touches are complete.)
Movement: Oh yes, crazy things are happening in there
Weight gain: Let’s just not go there anymore, m’kay?
Looking forward to: Our best friends are throwing us a baby party tomorrow! We are stoked – we have THE most amazing friends and they know how to party.  Also, Marty will finally be able to partake in some shower-like activities with me!
Craving: Cold, seasonal fruit – peaches, nectarines, blueberries – YUM! I eat them with yogurt every day
What I’m missing: sushi, the occasional glass of wine or MARGARITA.  A bikini.  My normal workout routine.  I can’t wait to kick things into gear again.
Excited about: She could come at any moment – it’s crunchtime!

33 Weeks & Smuggling a Beach Ball

Ok, so the front view is not that bad, right?  Then you get to the side view picture and it’s like “Hello!”  I can’t believe we’re this far in the game and yet still have soooo much to do.  Here’s a quickie update on all things baby:

How far along: 33 weeks and 2 days

Weight gain: Not sure, around 30 lbs but I’ll find out for sure next week at the Dr.

Craving: Lemons & lemonade!  Also, I’ve been loving me some pink grapefruit juice too.

Next on the list: Baby E’s room – trying to pick paint out tonight so look for an update soon.  I will post pics, I promise!

Excited about: My baby shower on Sunday with the Devine’s!

Side project: Gettin’ crafty this weekend and going to make her some flower headbands and maybe some baby blocks for her room decor.

I’m over: Maternity clothes & being sleepy all the time.

Dreaming about: Seeing her for the first time and what an unforgettable moment that will be.

Kicking off Summer the Right Way

Our holiday weekend had all the necessary components: sunshine, the lake, lots of good food, sleeping in, plenty of relaxing, you name it.  I even swallowed my pride and put on my yellow bikini (the only one that still fits!) to get some sun and cool off in the water.  Had to post this pic of Roxy and Marty – you could not get these two out of the water the entire time!