33 Weeks & Smuggling a Beach Ball

Ok, so the front view is not that bad, right?  Then you get to the side view picture and it’s like “Hello!”  I can’t believe we’re this far in the game and yet still have soooo much to do.  Here’s a quickie update on all things baby:

How far along: 33 weeks and 2 days

Weight gain: Not sure, around 30 lbs but I’ll find out for sure next week at the Dr.

Craving: Lemons & lemonade!  Also, I’ve been loving me some pink grapefruit juice too.

Next on the list: Baby E’s room – trying to pick paint out tonight so look for an update soon.  I will post pics, I promise!

Excited about: My baby shower on Sunday with the Devine’s!

Side project: Gettin’ crafty this weekend and going to make her some flower headbands and maybe some baby blocks for her room decor.

I’m over: Maternity clothes & being sleepy all the time.

Dreaming about: Seeing her for the first time and what an unforgettable moment that will be.


2 thoughts on “33 Weeks & Smuggling a Beach Ball

  1. Oh congratulations! I just found your blog. I remember craving chocolate shakes and green salsa when I was pregnant. I couldn’t get enough of it! Not together of course.

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