Dear Everly

Dear Everly,

We saw your teeny tiny footprint last night and spent the rest of the night staring at my big shiny belly and wishing for just one more glimpse of your little body parts.

We’ve been waiting for all of these months, dying to meet you, and seeing your little toes pressed against my skin brought a shocking realization to light.  Soon you’ll be here, and while that excites me to pieces, it’s also a little sad because I know that your safety and well being will be out of my control.

For nine months, I’ve nourished you while you’ve grown into the baby that you are now.  I’ve made sure that you received the best nutrients, vitamins, oxygen, stimulation, and environment within my power.  I’ve taken good care of us, getting enough rest, exercise, and support, and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.  I’ve carried you and given up my body in order to keep you safe, protected, and nurtured, and now it’s almost time for you to come into the world.

You’ve been with me every second for the past nine months and now that it’s almost time to set you free, I can’t help but be a little bittersweet about it.   I guess that’s the mother coming out in me: happy to see you on your little way, but concerned for your well being and knowing, deep down, that I will have to let go a little bit each day.

What makes me happy is that your Daddy and I can’t wait to meet you.  We have so much in store for you – just wait!  We’ve laid in our bed at night and had so many conversations of all the things we want to do with you, places we will definitely be taking you, and experiences that we want you to have (so many blog posts to come on this!).  One thing is for sure, you are coming into a house with a lot of LOVE and that will always be a constant in your life.

So, whether it takes you another day to get here or another 3 ½ to 4 weeks, we’ll be waiting and ready to start your little life out in a BIG way.  We love you more than anything.


Your Mama and Daddy

8 thoughts on “Dear Everly

  1. Wow!! That’s an amazing photo!!! And of course once again made me cry!! You guys are going to be great Parents!!! I only hope I’ll be as great at being a Grandma!

  2. OH MY Gosh!!! What a cool picture and letter. I cried also. You guys will be GREAT parents and Ellen and Bubby you will be GREAT grnadparents.

  3. I’m crying too!! That is an amazing photo! and a beautiful letter. She’s a very lucky little baby. Can’t wait to meet her!

  4. OMG! That picture is amazing!! Never loose it. I can not wait to meet Miss Everly. Your letter is precious (again, don’t loose it. Make a million copies). You all will be great parents, and your parents will be amazing grandparents. I’m excited to see the transformation the next generation will bring to you and your families. Enjoy!

    • Michelle, this picture is actually from the internet – I’m so sorry! I’ve missed some of these comments and I didn’t mean to mislead anyone, oops! We did try and snap a picture of her little footprint but it didn’t come out… I’ll have to find the original photographer who took this and post that here for everyone.

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