The First Week in Pictures

So far the first week has gone pretty smoothly.  Everly has been doing her job well – sleeping, eating, pooping & peeing, and waking up Mom and Dad whenever she needs something.   Here’s a little update on all things Everly…

Age: 2 weeks old – has it really been that long? Feels like just yesterday we brought her home.

Milestones: First projectile vomit on Mom – it was quite precious, let me tell you.  Also, Dad fed her her first bottle of breastmilk last night.

Events: Ev’s first doctor’s appointment with her pediatrician.  Everly gained 5 oz and last weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz and 22 inches long.

Umbilical Cord: Still in.  We’ll have a belly button dance party when it falls out!

We’re looking forward to: Seeing her smile purposefully and recognizing our faces and voices.  Playing dress up, baking cookies, going on adventures with her and her Daddy on the weekends, Halloween, Christmas, everything in between and everything beyond.

Weekly wisdom: Love, love, love, love and more LOVE.  This house is overflowing with it.

7 thoughts on “The First Week in Pictures

  1. She is so precious. Grats to you and Marty again, You are quite the blogger, feel like I know her, between your stories and Lauren’s. Pretty just like her Mama.

  2. I am totally in love with her Erin! She is so perfect! I’ll be waiting for more updates 🙂 Thanks for sharing. This totally made my heart smile!

    Much Love,

    Raquel Nguyen

  3. Man, I just L-O-V-E that kid! I’m super glad you guys are all doing well 🙂 I’ll be over for my next visit soon! LOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. Erin, she look JUST like you! She is so pretty, and I can tell already she’s going to have Mama’s long legs! Good job, you two! =0)

  5. I am making plans to see Baby Everly for the first time on Saturday. I am looking forward to holding this generation’s first Buehler baby! I heard that hats are now the latest style! I wonder what hat she’ll be wearing.

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