Such a Little Ham

Yesterday was not such a good day for Ev.  For some reason, she was gassy and seemed uncomfortable for a good part of the afternoon.  I rocked her, pumped her legs, patted her back, bounced her, and carried her around the house talking and trying to soothe her as she squirmed, grunted, and let out little bitty cries that broke my heart every time.  Finally, after more rocking and her Daddy walking in the door from work, we saw a little mood change in this girl and it made my day.  (Sorry, it was dim in our living room and the video is kind of dark.)


3 thoughts on “Such a Little Ham

  1. Hey Erin –

    I don’t know if this will help, but when our kiddos were like that, the nurses suggested warming a baby blanket in the dryer and laying it on the floor or bed and then laying the baby on her tummy (with you beside her of course!) It seemed to help with the gas.

    Good luck. She’s adorable!

  2. Oh poor little gassy goose! I hope she is feeling better soon! I love that smile and giggle and I have to get back there soon to see you guys 🙂 Love Ya!

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