I Knew This Day Would Come…

Dear Everly,

I’ve been dreading the fact that I would have to write this post soon.  I’m returning to work tomorrow and my heart has been breaking a little at the thought of this over the past few weeks.  I wanted you to know that I’m going to miss you to pieces and not a minute will pass that I’ll stop thinking about you.

I have really struggled recently with the thought of leaving you.  After all, you and I haven’t been separated for nearly 11 months so this decision has been brutal on me.

As much as I would die to stay home with you, watching you grow, sleep, and discover yourself and the world around you, there are far, far too many things that your Daddy and I want to provide for you in your lifetime, and these things will require two incomes.

For example, your Dad and I want to give you the best in life – not material things, but the best experiences we can offer.  We plan on doing lots of travel with you and experiencing the world together as a family.  We also want to make sure you get the best education and that you have the tools you need to be successful in life.  If there are hobbies, sports or other things that you want to do, we want to be able to allow you the chance to enjoy them.  We also want to give you brothers and sisters to play with and be able to offer all of the same things to them.   Besides that, your Dad and I are dreaming up one heck of a house that we want to build for you one day (and for any little ones that might come later).

Setting a good example for you is paramount.  We want you to appreciate our work ethic so that you know that achieving anything you want in life is a real possibility as long as you put your mind and heart into it.

So I’m going back to work, my love.  I’ll cherish our mornings, evenings, weekends, every other second that I get the pleasure of spending with you.  You’ll be staying with your loving Grandparents and Aunt during the week, who I promise have your best interests at heart and will enjoy keeping you busy and snuggling you while Mom and Dad are at work.  We are so lucky that we have them and all of their help!

I will probably have to sneak to the bathroom a few times tomorrow to cry while I get used to being away from you, but I promise to greet you after work with a big smile, a hug, and ready to hear all about your day.  Just promise me you’ll save some cuteness for us and that you’ll try not to achieve all those big milestones until after we bring you home for the day?  I’ll miss you, little one.

Love Always,

Your Mama


3 thoughts on “I Knew This Day Would Come…

  1. Don’t worry it will become easier as the days go by. Maybe have the grandparents and aunt take some pictures throughout the day to help pass the time. I know that would have helped me. Just think you just have to get through 2 days and then it’s the weekend. You will just have to cherish the morning, evenings and weekends because she will grow up before you know it. Maybe send the video camera with her in case she does anything cute you don’t wan to miss anything. Before you know it she will be talking, crawling and walking. I can’t belive that Macie will be 1 in two more months . It’s crazy how time flies.

  2. What a good cry that was….thanks Erin!
    The girl I work with, her babysitter sends her a picture everyday before noon of her son so she can see what he’s doing. He just turned one.
    Aunt ann

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