Our Quiet Saturday

After two nights of 30th birthday fun and leaving Everly in the care of Grandma & Grandpa, Marty and I were ready for a laid back Saturday with our Everly.  Marty decided to photo-blog our day of just bummin’ around town and enjoying the company of each other.  Here we are getting Ev dressed and telling her about the day’s plans.

Of course we can’t help but play with her and stop to enjoy her smiles and laughter.  It’s these types of moments that I look forward to all week while I’m away from her.

All dressed and ready to go…

We’re still not out the door because we can’t help ourselves and need to snuggle Everly on the couch, kissing her chubby cheeks and telling her how much we missed her last night.

Finally we get to enjoy this rare, sunny & 70 degree fall day and get out into the fresh air.

Papa drives.

And Everly & I get the backseat to ourselves.  We chit-chat and enjoy some much-needed girl talk.

Home Sweet Home.  With all of our errands finished, we arrive back with a sleepy baby.

But when she sees Roxy and Leyla, Everly decides she needs some tummy time.  We’re happy to enjoy some playtime too!

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to play with this happy girl?  We turn on Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and Everly is enamored with the colorful animation and music.

So is Leyla, our Beauty

And Roxy, our Beasty

Time for a little snack.  Of course Roxy has to make sure that nothing gets dropped.

We don’t make it through the movie, but nothing beats a Saturday afternoon nap, especially with this cuddlebug.  We can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow, and next week, and the week after that.  Somehow, the most ordinary days are always the best.  These ordinary days are a testament to the life that we are making.  And years from now, these are the days that we’ll remember the most.

First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The night we had Everly, Marty and I sat in my hospital bed in a daze, exhausted beyond belief and watching our little beauty sleep.  “She’s going to go to the Pumpkin Patch, ” Marty said, curling her tiny hand around his finger.  They were the first real plans we had made for our little girl, when she was  barely just a few hours old.  Three months later, we got to follow through with those plans and were lucky enough to snap a few memorable photos before Ev konked out.

And since it’s been a while since my last post, here’s a quick update on our own little pumpkin:

12. Weeks. Old

What Ev’s loving these days: watching Daddy put on his colorful ties in the morning, giggling at her Mama making faces and singing songs to her, watching the pups romp & play, and of course her most favorite thing – boobs!

What we’re loving these days: seeing Everly’s big belly laughs for the first time, how she leaves her sweet baby smell on her blankets and sometimes our clothes, and that big, beautiful smile that we dream about all day while we’re at work.

Developmental milestones: We have a chatterbox on our hands!  She loves to talk if she thinks that someone is listening (and I can listen to that all day long.)  She’s also reaching out and starting to grab for things and trying her darndest to sit up like a big girl.

Sleeping: Like a champ!  As of  a few days ago, she’s going about 7 to 8 hours sleeping straight through the night, which Mama is loving!

What we’re excited about: Ev’s first Halloween! (Stay tuned for a Halloween post with Ev in costume).  Can  you guess what she’s dressing up as?