First Halloween – Look Who’s a Turtle!

Everly’s first Halloween was here and gone before we knew it.  We enjoyed the day by lounging around the house in PJ’s and enjoying our little one (did I ever tell you how much I LOVE her?).  We played with Ev and her toys, Mama went grocery shopping, Papa made Buffalo Chicken, Mama and Ev took a nap on the couch while Papa watched football (I get the best sleep of my life when football is on in the background, evidently so does Everly.  Like mother like daughter!).

Around 6, we bundled Everly up in her turtle costume and made some random visits – to Grandma Ellen & Grandpa Bub’s in Richmond Heights, and then to Uncle John & Aunt Jessica’s and to Grandma Lin’s in St. Louis Hills.  Everly was a good sport and her costume kept her nice and toasty in the cold – big thanks to Grandma Lin for making it!

We saw a lot of super cute costumes this year, which got me all sorts of excited about taking Everly trick-or-treating next year and all the years to come.  I can’t wait to start our own traditions, even dressing up in Mama & Daddy costumes and going door-to-door collecting treats and towing Everly (and maybe even some other little ones) along in a big red wagon.  We’ll come home and build a fire, let Everly get a little high on sugar, and Marty & I will sneak pieces of candy from her giant plastic pumpkin.  So much to look forward to… and I can’t wait!

I already have ideas brewing for next year’s costume, but we have a while til we get there.  Until then, enjoy the turtle pics!

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