The Best Gift Ever

Everly’s first Christmas was quite magical, I must say.  Christmas Eve was met with big, fluffy snowflakes that amounted to a beautiful white blanket which covered everything… it was the White Christmas that I’d secretly been wishing for ever since I learned I was going to have a little girl of my own to show what Christmas was all about.  We spent Christmas Eve with the Devine’s and Chinese food – our own Christmas Eve tradition – and had too much fun watching Everly open up presents and get spoiled by her grandparents.  She was happy staying up past her bedtime and listening to The Beatles on vinyl until midnight in her Christmas jammies, but we knew we had to hurry home to bed so Santa could come.

On Christmas Day we woke up to a Christmas tree full of presents and couldn’t wait to open them with Everly and show her all her new toys.  Mom and Dad stayed in PJ’s too and had coffee and scones and relaxed a little before starting the holiday hustle and heading out to all the family gatherings.  It was so nice seeing everyone but we are officially exhausted.  Luckily we had a long weekend to relax and get a little extra sleep.  Hope everyone’s Christmas was as wonderful as ours.. we can’t wait until next year!  Here are a few pics of our fam and our sweet little Christmas baby.

Ho Ho Ho

Guess who went to go see the big man the other day?  Everly was an absolute doll when we took her to the North Pole, dressed like a little elf, to see Santa Claus for the first time.  She gazed up at him with her big blue eyes as if she was thinking about how she’s been such an angel all year long.  I told Santa she wants a pony and a baby grand piano for Christmas.  Hope he listens.  I’m thinking I need to break out the good stuff instead of the usual cookies and milk for that to happen…

Dear Everly

Dear Everly,

I am writing this while you lie asleep in your crib at the foot of my bed.

I wanted you to know something.

My camera is filled with nothing but pictures and videos of you.

My house is in disarray (and your Mama  knows how to keep house like none other), yet it’s never felt more like home.

My life has never been more complicated, yet it’s also never been this satisfying.

I have never been more sleep deprived in my life, but I have also never felt so refreshed.

I had such a good laugh tonight when I came home from work, late as usual, to a sink full of dishes, stack of bills, hamper of dirty laundry, and a happy husband and baby waiting for me and thought to myself, “I am the luckiest girl in the world.”

I’m sure I’ll give myself another huge laugh when you’re a teenager and I’m looking back at these old letters, but we won’t go there yet.

Thank you for enriching my life in so many different, unimaginable ways and simply for just being our little Gracie-Boo, as your Dad & I like to call you.  We have so much ahead of us.

You are truly the best!

Your Mom

Everly Grace’s Christening


It was one of the coldest days of the year and we awoke to a thick blanket of snow covering the ground, however we’re so thankful that our family and friends were able to brave the elements and join us at St. Luke the Evangelist Church for Everly’s baptism.  Our little girl did great and we’re so happy that we were able to squeeze all 17 lbs of her into the family christening gown (which I wore 30 years ago along with several generations of babies on my Mom’s side of the family).  Once again, the memories of this day were captured on camera.  Hope you enjoy a peek at our happy Sunday afternoon.

Things We LOVE About Everly Grace

Dear Everly,

There are countless reasons why your Dad & I think you are the neatest thing in the world, but if we had to narrow it down, here are a few things (as of lately) that we love about your happy little self:

1.  The way you wake us up in the morning by chatting up a storm in your baby bed, and when we peek in to find you lying there, you’re nothing but a smile factory.

2.  How when we lean in to sneak you a kiss, you open your mouth and try to eat our noses.

3.  The songs you sing in the car when you think no one’s listening.

4.  Chubby wrists that look like they have rubberbands wrapped around them.

5.  How you always seem to know when the weekend is here (and how we want to do nothing else but spend every waking second of it with you!)

6.  The way that we find out something new about you and how your unique personality shines through each new day.

7.  The way you smell.

8.  Those long eyelashes & the way those big blue peepers seem to have such a story to tell.

The list goes on and on….  Just thought you should know, your Dad and I (and most everyone else who has had the pleasure of meeting you) is absolutely smitten with your perfect little self.


Shh! Look what Santa’s Bringing Everly

Our Ev has been such a good girl these days that Santa is definitely making a stop at our house this Christmas.  While I know she’d probably be just as happy to get her hands on a cardboard box or a sock, there’s a few things that Santa will be sneaking into her stocking this year…

Sophie the Giraffe

We hear great things about this all-natural rubber teething toy that’s been a top pick since the 1960s, and with Everly starting to teethe, we’re hoping this cute lil’ lady will bring our girl a little comfort while those choppers are cutting.

On the Night that You Were Born
by Nancy Tillman

I am a huge reader, so books are definitely something that I want Ev to enjoy.   This one sounds absolutely adorable.  And who doesn’t ask their parents to tell them the story of when they were born?

Here’s a little except:

“On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, ‘Life will never be the same.’ Because there had never been anyone like you… ever in the world.”


GroVia Hybrid cloth diapers

Yep, we are still planning on cloth diapering and are have decided to invest in a diaper package from the eco-friendly company, Grovia.  Throwing away disposable diapers makes me feel terrible, and while I understand cloth diapering will require a little more effort on our part, we have decided to give it whirl.  We like these because we can use a cloth insert at home and disposable liners when we’re on the go.  It’s less waste and it will save us a TON each month on diaper costs.

These are just a few treats that Santa has tucked away to put under the tree for Everly.  We just can’t wait to wake up with her on Christmas morning for the first time!  Christmas was such a magical time for Marty & I when we were little ones so we are gearing up to enjoy every second of the season with Everly.   Although presents and surprises are always fun, we’re really looking forward to spending time with our families and teaching our little girl the true meaning of Christmas.  We are so thankful for each other and pinch ourselves every day, wondering when we’re going to wake up from this amazing dream.



Our little summer baby is getting her first taste of winter and we couldn’t be more excited!  I can’t believe my little Buggie is 4 months old already.  It’s crazy to think that last time this year, I was cooking up my first turkey and humming around my kitchen with stars in my eyes trying to wrap my head around the idea of a growing baby inside of me.  And now she’s here and life’s never been better.

This past week was quite the whirlwind but we had reason to celebrate – it was Everly’s first Thanksgiving and this year we all had a lot to be thankful for.  And of course, a little winter magic did just the trick to get me into the Christmas spirit and giddy over Everly’s first Christmas.  As we were finishing up some cooking Thanksgiving morning, we were surprised to peek out our windows and find giant, fluffy snowflakes coming down.

Look Mom, SNOW!

And that was all it took for the switch to flip and the Christmas magic to get the best of me.  Showing Everly the snow for the first time brought back all those familiar feelings about the holiday from when I was a little girl and how excited I am to share that with her.   That weekend, the tree went up, stockings hung on the mantle, and before we knew it Marty and I were listening to Christmas music and snapping pics of Evie by the tree.   Our little festive photo shoot was too much fun & Everly had quite the ball.  I think she’s feeling the Christmas magic too.

Everly & papa inspecting the tree, Look at that belly!

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