Our little summer baby is getting her first taste of winter and we couldn’t be more excited!  I can’t believe my little Buggie is 4 months old already.  It’s crazy to think that last time this year, I was cooking up my first turkey and humming around my kitchen with stars in my eyes trying to wrap my head around the idea of a growing baby inside of me.  And now she’s here and life’s never been better.

This past week was quite the whirlwind but we had reason to celebrate – it was Everly’s first Thanksgiving and this year we all had a lot to be thankful for.  And of course, a little winter magic did just the trick to get me into the Christmas spirit and giddy over Everly’s first Christmas.  As we were finishing up some cooking Thanksgiving morning, we were surprised to peek out our windows and find giant, fluffy snowflakes coming down.

Look Mom, SNOW!

And that was all it took for the switch to flip and the Christmas magic to get the best of me.  Showing Everly the snow for the first time brought back all those familiar feelings about the holiday from when I was a little girl and how excited I am to share that with her.   That weekend, the tree went up, stockings hung on the mantle, and before we knew it Marty and I were listening to Christmas music and snapping pics of Evie by the tree.   Our little festive photo shoot was too much fun & Everly had quite the ball.  I think she’s feeling the Christmas magic too.

Everly & papa inspecting the tree, Look at that belly!

  • Christmas Wonderment
  • Seeing Christmas through her eyes

    4 thoughts on “4.Months.Old

    1. Just wait til next thanksgiving and she will be having Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and apple pie. Soon you will be experienciing her trying new foods. Have fun and cherish this time, because they just grow up too fast.

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