Things We LOVE About Everly Grace

Dear Everly,

There are countless reasons why your Dad & I think you are the neatest thing in the world, but if we had to narrow it down, here are a few things (as of lately) that we love about your happy little self:

1.  The way you wake us up in the morning by chatting up a storm in your baby bed, and when we peek in to find you lying there, you’re nothing but a smile factory.

2.  How when we lean in to sneak you a kiss, you open your mouth and try to eat our noses.

3.  The songs you sing in the car when you think no one’s listening.

4.  Chubby wrists that look like they have rubberbands wrapped around them.

5.  How you always seem to know when the weekend is here (and how we want to do nothing else but spend every waking second of it with you!)

6.  The way that we find out something new about you and how your unique personality shines through each new day.

7.  The way you smell.

8.  Those long eyelashes & the way those big blue peepers seem to have such a story to tell.

The list goes on and on….  Just thought you should know, your Dad and I (and most everyone else who has had the pleasure of meeting you) is absolutely smitten with your perfect little self.



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