The Best Gift Ever

Everly’s first Christmas was quite magical, I must say.  Christmas Eve was met with big, fluffy snowflakes that amounted to a beautiful white blanket which covered everything… it was the White Christmas that I’d secretly been wishing for ever since I learned I was going to have a little girl of my own to show what Christmas was all about.  We spent Christmas Eve with the Devine’s and Chinese food – our own Christmas Eve tradition – and had too much fun watching Everly open up presents and get spoiled by her grandparents.  She was happy staying up past her bedtime and listening to The Beatles on vinyl until midnight in her Christmas jammies, but we knew we had to hurry home to bed so Santa could come.

On Christmas Day we woke up to a Christmas tree full of presents and couldn’t wait to open them with Everly and show her all her new toys.  Mom and Dad stayed in PJ’s too and had coffee and scones and relaxed a little before starting the holiday hustle and heading out to all the family gatherings.  It was so nice seeing everyone but we are officially exhausted.  Luckily we had a long weekend to relax and get a little extra sleep.  Hope everyone’s Christmas was as wonderful as ours.. we can’t wait until next year!  Here are a few pics of our fam and our sweet little Christmas baby.


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