Can you say CUTE? Everly, meet Kenzie!  I’ve been meaning to put these pictures up for quite some time of Ev meeting her little cousin for the first time.  Believe it or not, Kenzie, tiny as she appears, is actually a full 2 months older than Everly.  They are going to have so much fun together & we can’t wait for the next play date!

Look at this pretty tutu and rhinestone onesie that Kenzie brought Everly.  I love the apple green & pink colors! Kenzie’s Mama makes them and after seeing Everly’s in-person, I must say that every little girl needs one.

Check out my cousin’s Etsy shop, McKenzie’s Boutique, to view some of her designs.  You choose your colors and each tutu is custom-made with ribbon and you can even add rhinestones.  If you have a baby shower or little girl’s birthday party coming up, these tutu’s make great gifts and will be the hit of your event!  They are even cuter in person!  We have Evie’s hanging on her closet door and everyone who comes over instantly admires it.  We can’t wait to order another one!



This little beauty is growing up too fast!  So fast that we thought we should probably break out the yellow swimsuit and let Everly enjoy a few wears just in case it doesn’t fit this summer!  Here’s a little update on our little buttercup:

Age: 5 months!

Our thoughts: We are loving this age and this funny girl who loves smiling, giggling, blowing raspberries, and trying to get her hands on everything.

Milestones: Hello food!  Everly is such a good eater and eats just about anything you put in front of her: sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatos, apples, squash, and BANANAS – by far her favorite food (today). 

Sleeping habits: Knock on wood, Everly has pretty much made her own schedule and sticks to it.  After her bathtime and playtime, we read a book, she nurses, and goes right to sleep around 7:30.  If she doesn’t fall asleep right away, I lay her in her bed with her Seahorse (that thing is A-MAZING) and she will usually doze off within minutes. 

Favorite things: This girl loves being naked and taking baths.  You  are pretty much guaranteed a smile with those two activities.  Also, she LOVES Bumble, her Abominable Snowman doll from her Aunt Halley.  Anytime we pull him out to play, Everly starts cracking up and then proceeds to try and eat him.  Speaking of eating, she loves a good big bite of bib, socks, and (after a bath, of course) she has a cool trick where she pulls both of her feet up and into her mouth.  I have to get this on video – it is quite impressive!

2010 in Review

Wow, 2010 has come and gone faster than the blink of an eye and it’s most definitely been the best year of our lives.  While we are totally looking forward to all the surprises and new experiences that 2011 will bring, we realize that 2010 would not have been as special without the people who lived it with us.  You all know who you are.  We are so lucky to have had each and every one of you by our side throughout every waking minute of the year.   Thank you for being the best family and friends that anyone could ask for.  Without you, 2010 would not have been the same.  Here’s a look back at some highlights from our year:

Surprise! We’re pregnant!  I started this blog and began gearing up and dreaming about becoming a Mama.  I had no idea this little online space of mine would be admired by so many.

I’m still barely showing and wishing I looked more pregnant than I actually do.  We start taking belly pics anyways.

You’re hired! Marty and I both take new jobs and major career strides with two of the best companies St. Louis has to offer.  And… we find out we’re having a GIRL!

Not sure what happened in April.  I’m sure I was eating my weight in cheeseburgers and Pappy’s Smokehouse.  Anyways, here’s a picture of my hot husband.  Isn’t he handsome?

The Loo.  Yup.  Month One of our Bathroom Renovation project.  Being as I am 7 months pregnant, we decide gutting/remodeling our bathroom during this time is not the smartest idea.  Live and learn, right?  We also clink glasses to celebrate 4 years of marriage.

Hello Baby Showers.  We get ready for this little girl with our family & friends and have a blast setting up  her bedroom.  And the bathroom is finished!

Holy hell it’s HOT outside & what happened to my feet/ankles?  I am as big as a whale and I’m due this month.  My family goes on the beach vacation that we were supposed to attend and there’s nothing left to do but eat popsicles and float around at the lake.  Despite my HUGENESS, I rock an old yellow bikini since I refuse to spend money on a maternity swimsuit.  Marty is quite amused by this, though make him promise never to speak of it again.  I start writing letters to Everly to share with her when she’s older.

… And then our life began.  Happy birthday Everly Grace Buehler.  I’ll never forget the moment when we first laid eyes on each other and how completely vulnerable I felt.   Marty and I are reborn are parents and life has never been better.

Still sleep deprived and adjusting to our new life with baby, I return to work and begin juggling life as a working, breastfeeding/pumping Mama.  Holy shitballs this is hard!  We also start venturing out more with Ev.  I learn to do all sorts of crazy things – like how to change a poopy diaper using your lap as a changing table while in a tiny 3 ft by 3 ft restaurant bathroom.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

30.  Despite the stigma with this age, I feel amazing!  I’m right where I want to be & have never loved more.  After having a baby, I appreciate my body more than I ever have in life, even with a few extra pounds to lose.

So much to be thankful for!  Babies, husbands, families, friends, the grace of God, the air I breathe, the good times & even the bad.  Everly sees snow for the first time and we embark on her first Christmas.

Promoted!  And we’ve only just begun.  I start a new position and get a fat raise – Holla!  Everly gets baptized.  We celebrate our first Christmas with Buggie and Santa brings us a fancy red Kitchenaid mixer.  Everly starts solid food. She loves her rice cereal and sweet potatoes.  And this New Year’s Day, we woke up with a smiling baby in our bed instead of a hangover.  Life is great!

Thanks for making 2010 such a fantastic, memorable year for us and here’s to 2011.  Happy New Year!  Cheers!