This little beauty is growing up too fast!  So fast that we thought we should probably break out the yellow swimsuit and let Everly enjoy a few wears just in case it doesn’t fit this summer!  Here’s a little update on our little buttercup:

Age: 5 months!

Our thoughts: We are loving this age and this funny girl who loves smiling, giggling, blowing raspberries, and trying to get her hands on everything.

Milestones: Hello food!  Everly is such a good eater and eats just about anything you put in front of her: sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatos, apples, squash, and BANANAS – by far her favorite food (today). 

Sleeping habits: Knock on wood, Everly has pretty much made her own schedule and sticks to it.  After her bathtime and playtime, we read a book, she nurses, and goes right to sleep around 7:30.  If she doesn’t fall asleep right away, I lay her in her bed with her Seahorse (that thing is A-MAZING) and she will usually doze off within minutes. 

Favorite things: This girl loves being naked and taking baths.  You  are pretty much guaranteed a smile with those two activities.  Also, she LOVES Bumble, her Abominable Snowman doll from her Aunt Halley.  Anytime we pull him out to play, Everly starts cracking up and then proceeds to try and eat him.  Speaking of eating, she loves a good big bite of bib, socks, and (after a bath, of course) she has a cool trick where she pulls both of her feet up and into her mouth.  I have to get this on video – it is quite impressive!


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