Dear Everly

Dear Evie,

It’s so hard to believe that you’re nearly six months old.  We are loving every second of life with you right now.  Your infectious laugh echos through the halls of our house and  fills it with your happy energy. Those hands that used to fumble are now focused and much more precise.  Your movements are calculated and your eyes wander about, exploring your space and studying everything that comes into your view.  It’s amazing watching you grow.

These days we’re propping you up, helping you to sit and find your balance, and watching your eyes grow big when you realize that you’re doing it on your own.  Your arms are always reaching out to touch anything that comes into view, and you carefully and fearlessly examine everything that you are exposed to.  It is truly life-altering to watch this and to know that we are playing a key role in these discoveries.

I hope you never lose that adventurous spirit that you’ve been blessed with.  Keep reaching for the stars, little one.  Your Dad and I will always be lifting you up as high as we can to get to them.

Your Mama

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