6 Months Old


My baby girl is half a year old and growing up before our very eyes.  It’s exciting to think that in just six more months, we’ll be dressing her up in a fancy party dress and letting her smash a big, decorated birthday cupcake into her fingers and face.   Here’s a little update on all things Everly, and what we’ve learned since meeting her six months ago.

Age: 6 Months and 2 Weeks

Weight/Height: 20 lbs. and 3 ounces.  Whopper!  She’s pretty much topping the charts for height and weight at about the 98th percentile.  At only 6 months old, she’s wearing 12 month size clothes comfortably.

Choppers: Evie’s been phenomenal with teething and is already sportin’ four hippo chompers!  One on the bottom and the other three on top.  We’ve started lightly brushing her teeth and gums every night before her bath, using a small finger toothbrush and water, in the hopes that we’ll start good habits early.

Nursing: I am still breastfeeding Everly and happy to report that we have not had to supplement with formula at all.  Breastfeeding has definitely required quite a bit of dedication but it has been worth every second.  All in all, it’s been critical in establishing a fantastic bond with Everly, and something I am so glad that I was able to commit to.  And no, I’m not really planning on stopping anytime soon.

Development: Put Everly down on her back and she flips to her belly immediately.  This girl is ready to move!  She loves bouncing up and down when we hold her and especially when her  Daddy plays records at night.  I feel like she’ll be crawling before we know it… time to baby-proof!

Personality: Happiest baby in town.  I truly mean this.  She wakes up with sparkles in her eyes and giggles when we kiss her.   The kid is as cool as a cucumber.

Things that make her happy: Her pup-pups, Roxy & Leyla, seeing her pretty reflection in the mirror, bath time, naked time!, when she gets to fly around our living room (with Daddy as the pilot)…  pretty much everything makes this kid smile, and her parents too.

Quirks: When Evie is a sleepyhead, I cuddle her up in my lap on the Boppy pillow.  When she’s all snuggly and has her favorite binky, she’ll rub my shirt on her face and nose and coo until she falls asleep.  This is how she falls asleep every night, and one of my favorite things about her.  Her little sounds are the best!


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