Our Laid Back Saturday

Hi there,

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday! We sure did, even though it was pretty quiet and relaxed in comparison to the usual.  It was here and gone before we knew it, but we definitely took the every second to enjoy our little one and some time out of work-mode.

We cleaned house a bit and then did some errand running and ” bumming ” as we like to refer to it.  After a couple of stops, we ended up at The Mud House, our absolute favorite coffeehouse, and had a nice little impromptu lunch date with just us three.  We both had some pretty spectacular sammies – I had this amazing goat cheese sandwich with carmelized onions and orange marmalade, and Papa had (of course) house-made sausage with a pickled cucumber relish. Nom!  Besides trying to gnaw my face off with her new chompers, Everly was very well-behaved, so she got to pick out a purdy new party dress at the store afterward.

Later that night, Mart & I decided to make dinner together instead of going out.  We roasted a chicken, stuffed with fresh orange, lemon, garlic, and rosemary and made some pretty tasty sweet potato fries.  Nothing elaborate but it made our house smell sooooo good and it was delicious!

The rest of the night was spent hanging out in PJ’s, watching cable and folding baby laundry and cloth diapers.  There may or may not have been chocolate ice cream involved. We were exhausted after it all and ended up getting to bed pretty early that night and waking up refreshed (yes!) on Sunday.  It may not have been the most exciting weekend, but really, these are the types of weekends that I like the best.

How was your weekend?  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you and your loves did.


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