Puppy Love

Puppy love people.  It’s for realz in ‘dis house.  Everly is smitten with both of her Pup-Pup’s, but we caught her snuggling up to Roxy, our seven year-old red Boston. Have you met our Boston’s before?  If not, head over here for a few pics.  Roxy is infinitely envious of Everly because:

A. She gets a bath every night and gets to take her sweet time in there & play.

B.  She’s allowed to poop in the house (in a diaper, of course).

C.  Rubber animal-shaped teething toys that squeak (need I say more?).

and D.  It’s pretty evident that Everly is numero uno to Marty & I.

Anyway, Evie is just crazy about these furballs and we caught these two being exceptionally cute on Saturday morning.  Here’s a few pics – hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. That is true love there!! You guys need to have JJ come do pics at your house to get all of the cuteness documented. I will show you picture books when you come over on Saturday! Super excited to see you guys =)

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