Seven. Months. Old.

The luck of the Irish...

Having a 7-month old is so much fun!  They really weren’t lying when they told me it just keeps getting better.  Everly’s development is astounding and her personality continues to shine through and reinforce our belief that she is just something else.  Here’s an update on what’s new these days…

Teeth: Holy chompers.  Evy’s got EIGHT teeth coming in that we can count.  Her two front teeth, two more coming in on each side on top, and four on the bottom.  She loves when we brush her teeth in the morning and at night and thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.

She’s quite the looker: Someone has her Mama’s peepers!  (Thank God she has something of mine!) She wins us over with those big blue eyes every time.  Her brown hair is growing in thicker each day, and we’re starting to notice some lighter pieces and sometimes even a glimpse of red in the sun.

Movin’ & Shakin: This baby is ready to crawl. We think that she is physically capable of it, but hasn’t quite figured out the trick. Which is probably a good thing considering her Mama & Pops STILL have not baby-proofed the house.

Food & Other Tasty Things: What’s not to love? Clearly nothing as Everly has an appetite for nearly everything we put in front of her. Spinach, garbanzo beans, rutabaga, blueberries – put it in front of her and she will show you how to put it down!

Evy LOVES: Animals (We can’t wait to visit the ZOO), giving her Pup Pups open mouth kisses (Ick, this makes your Mama frown), playing horsey with Daddy (her face lights up when she gets to bounce up and down on Papa’s knees), sunshine, fresh air, and whenever company comes over.

We’re looking forward to: taking Everly exploring with us when the weather is warmer, putting her in pretty dresses this Spring, showing her the ocean this Summer, and just the thought of knowing that we get to expose her to so many new things as she grows.

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