This little 8-month old Baby Cakes is just as scrumptious as they come.  These days, Ev’s all about talking, moving, and being her usual “ham” self in front of people she knows.  Watching her metamorphosis from a tiny infant into a little, smiling girl (gulp) has been both incredibly heart-wrenching and inspiring all at the same time.  Here’s an idea of some recent changes we’ve witnessed over the last month.

She has a bit of a shy side.
We’ve noticed that Everly sometimes gets a little nervous around people (specifically guys – which this doesn’t bother her Daddy one bit) who she hasn’t seen in a while and it may take a little extra time for her to warm up to them.

She’s a chatterbox.
Everly loves her voice and making sounds.  This is always going on, but her favorite places to be vocal are:

1.  In Church, usually during the sermon (animated and LOUD. Seriously, you would think she was the one preachin’).

2.  During bathtime. (She likes singing songs to her sea turtles while violently splashing and laughing.  We just let her be and mop up the bathroom floor after she’s finished).

3.  In the morning when we’re all just waking up. (My little alarm clock, who still sleeps in our room, likes to wake us up with her sweet little baby talk, which – Thank God – is more so on the calm side during the early hours.  We can’t resist plopping her down in bed with us.)

She wants to crawl, desperately!
Any day now this little bird is gonna be mobile, and boy does it bug her that she can’t do it already.  Until then, the baby proofing kits continue to sit on the dresser and collect dust.

She’s such a Mama’s girl (which i HEART!)
There’s nothing more that I love than walking in the door to a baby with the biggest smile and outstretched arms for me.  I love her hugs, kisses, cuddles, face bites (yep, I said face bites), and feeling her breath on my neck as she dozes off to sleep.  Lately, Ev’s been all about Mommy, and there’s no complaints here!

She’s super happy & content
You already knew this, but I can’t stop feeling so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby.  Her mood is infectious and can turn the most horrendous workday upside down and around with one teeny tiny glimmer of her golden personality.  If you ever need a pick-me-up, feel free to stop on by our house.

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