Guess who decided to turn 9-months old the other days? Everly is growing like a flower these days –  and we’ve officially gone from scooting to crawling! This little drop of sunshine decided she needed to start crawling a few weeks ago and ever since she figured that out, she’s been all over the place exploring.  Amazingly, her feet want to walk but she hasn’t quite found her balance.

Also new in our house, Everly has finally moved into her crib in her room!  For the past 9 months, she’s been sleeping by our bedside in a small crib.  We get a lot of funny looks when people learn that she’s been in our room this whole time, but it doesn’t bother me one bit and we actually preferred it this way.  Keeping her close was ideal for late night feedings and it just worked for us.  Here’s a little update on our 9-month old beauty:

What’s New
Crawling, trying to walk and waving.  So cute!  She likes to wave at her pup pups and her reflection the most.

Food & Other Tasty Things
Everly is eating chunkier foods now and even doing finger foods.  We’ve learned all about the magical world of “Puffs”, which are these little cereal-like bits filled with all sorts of yumminess (whole grains & real fruit juice) that totally rock Ev’s world.  I mean, seriously.  She is completely bonkers for these things.  She’s also majorly digging cut-up strawberries and bananas. And yep, still breastfeeding (Go Mom!), no formula in this house.

About 8-9 pm until about 7 am.  Most nights she sleeps through the night, however sometimes she wakes up once for a binky (or a boob).

She is Loving
Music. Everly will start rocking back and forth on her little hiney if she hears the slightest thing that resembles a tune.  Which is awesome, because her Dad and I love music too and we have a lot to share with her.

We’ve caught a “Mamamama” and a “Dadadada” a few times but we’re not sure if she is purposefully addressing us yet.  Even so, our hearts swell a little bit each time we hear it.

Our Favorite things
Hearing Ev exercise her lungs and belt it out whenever she feels like it.  We do it right along with her (our poor neighbors).  The way she rubs my hair when she’s tired.  Sneaking a sleepy baby into our bed at 5 am on a Saturday, dozing off with her breath in our faces, and waking up to her infectious, joyful laughter when she realizes we don’t have to work and the day is ours.

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