Dear Everly

Dear Everly,

I thought that Fall, Winter and Spring were so enjoyable to experience with you for the first time, however I must say that so far, Summer is the best.  Your eyes sparkle when sunshine creeps through our morning windows and into your crib, and that familiar birdsong that manages to drawl its way through the hundred-year-old brick of our home is always sure to make you smile in your sleep.  It is such a magical season.

Just last year around this time, your father and I were so excited to greet the first lightning bugs of the season, secretly knowing that their arrival meant meeting you was right around the corner.  And now here we are together, sitting on our back deck and watching these same glowing creatures dance around our backyard at dusk; your soft voice telling me stories about them in your secret baby language.

Soon these little legs of yours will walk about, and these lazy  Summer nights will transform into evenings of exploration and playtime in the backyard, around the neighborhood, and anywhere your bike can pedal to.  You’ll return home with muddy fingers and stars in your eyes, with plenty of stories of your discoveries.  These days may seem far off but i know they are truly right around the corner.  For now though, I’m holding you tight on my lap, soaking in every precious moment of your infancy, and trying my best to freeze these memories in my heart forever.


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