Our little week in Paradise

I’m a little late with this post, as our tans have long faded and the last bits of sand have finally dusted off the bottoms of our flip flop’s and sun-stained beach hats, but started flipping through a few pictures from our trip and wanted to take a moment to remember our little beach excursion last month.

Our first family vacation in Destin couldn’t have been better.  It was one of the most relaxing weeks we’ve had as a family in a very long time.  The water was absolutely pristine: crystal clear, glass-like, and the color of turquoise.  We woke up and made our way down to the water’s edge every day, with our little one grasping our fingers pulling us to the shore to explore.

We laid in the sun, read pages of books, swam for hours, fell asleep in our beach chairs, stayed up late and enjoyed long talks, took morning walks, and laughed til our cheeks hurt.  Before we knew it, it was time to go, and I found myself wiping tears away as I packed up our family to head back to reality.

“We’ll come back soon,” I told Ev as she glanced over my shoulder at the sparkling ocean one last time.   What a magnificent week and perfect first vacation for our little girl.  We’re secretly counting the days til we go back next year.

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Can’t Seem to Get Enough

I’m at work missing my princess terribly today and can’t seem to get enough of her cuteness.  Can’t wait for our girls’ night tonight (Daddy’s going to a wine tasting).  Here’s  another peek from her First Year Photo shoot, compliments of the amazing Lora.  Enjoy!


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12.Months.Old… Everly is ONE!

Wow, I’m still in total shock that I have a one-year-old these days!  This post is a little late, as Everly turned one a few weeks ago, however better late than never, right?  I’m also so excited to share some of Everly’s one year photos, shot by one of my best friends & cousin, Lora.  Besides having quite the talent behind the camera lens, Lora is super crafty and one of my all time favorite people on this Earth.  Please check out Lora’s blog, Maplewood Inn, if you haven’t already.
Everly is walking now!  She started at about 11.5 months and has been going ever since.  She loves to push her little shopping cart or ladybug scooter around our house.

Everly weighs 25 lbs. and is 32.5 inches long.  She’s in the 93rd percentile for weight and 100th percentile for height!  We can’t wait to see those little legs in ballet or gymnastics!

Her vocabulary is growing rapidly.  She says “Hi”, “Bye,” “Mama,” “Dada,” “Pup,” “Baa” (it means bird, trust us) and a few other things we’re still in the process of translating.

Everly loves blueberries, bananas, whole milk in a sippy cup (with a straw!), sugar cookies (only from Grandma & Grandma), hot dogs! (Marty’s so happy about this), bubble baths, lady bugs, and sharing bites of Mama’s Frosted Mini Wheats on Saturday mornings.

She loves to give kisses (wet open mouth ones), hugs, and will fall asleep in a second if you lightly rub the back of her hair and whisper songs in her ear (“Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and “99 Bottles of Beer” are faves). She is the spitting image of her father, only much, much prettier.  She has a heart of gold and is sweet as pie.  We can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us.


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Everly’s First Birthday Party

On Saturday, the 6th day of August, our house awoke with much excitement since we knew the day was sure to be accompanied with lots of fun and plenty of memories – it was Everly’s first birthday party! Everly had a certain special twinkle in her eye that morning and I’m pretty sure she knew that she was going to be spoiled that day.  Despite being up late making cupcakes and putting the finishing touches on a few things, we arrived at my parents house early enough to set up shop and get some tunes playing on the jukebox.

The Dress

Since the day Everly was born, I’ve always sang her “You are My Sunshine,” so this bright, lemony party dress was definitely fit for the birthday girl.

The Details
Friends and family got to experience Marty’s “hot dog jamboree”, which included Chicago-style dogs amid an expansive spread of toppingsMost went for the classic catsup-mustard-relish-onions-dill pickle-celery salt combo, but I saw a few chili cheese-frito dogs and some other interesting concoctions on some party plates.  Drinks included Bud Light & Miller Lite (a nostalgic nod to last year’s coed baby party), and Mexican Coca-Cola Classic (the kind with real sugar!) in glass bottles, and treats were vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting (the best birthday cupcakes ever).
Everly was a good sport all day.  When she wasn’t chasing her cousins Kenzie and Matty around, she was ooohing and ahhing at her balloons, snacking on tiny toddler hot dog bites, getting passed back and forth between her Grandparents, and impressing the crowd with her walking and talking.

She even sat still long enough for us to sing Happy Birthday and took a few playful bites of her birthday cupcake, however once we snapped the picture, she was officially ready for a bottle and a nap.
Before we knew it, the day was long over and we were carrying our sweet little 1-year old princess to bed and wondering how this past year has gone by so quickly.  We are so blessed to have such an incredible group of family and friends that will surround this little girl for the rest of her life. These are the people who will inspire her, who will lead by great example, and who will shape her into the wonderful person that we know she will be.

It was truly a perfect dayWe’re so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us and we are so excited about seeing what this next year of toddlerhood brings!


The Best Year Ever

In just one year, we’ve gone from this…And this…To this…

And this…We’ve had lots of giggles…Goofy faces….Sweet smiles…And plenty of fun with food…Since she came into this world, we’ve gone to work with tired eyes more times than we can count, got pooped on and peed like it’s nobody’s business, learned crazy things that happen to the body after having a baby and exclusively breastfeeding, learned that slobber and spit up is not a big deal at all, got our fingers bit, learned to appreciate the value of a shower, realized the importance of the Binky (thank you Jesus!), and yet, we’ve never laughed harder in our lives and our hearts continue to swell with the love this little girl has brought into our happy home.  This year has truly been the best ever, and we can’t wait for what the future holds.  Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet our baby girl – we love you more than you will ever know.
Your Mama & Papa