The Best Year Ever

In just one year, we’ve gone from this…And this…To this…

And this…We’ve had lots of giggles…Goofy faces….Sweet smiles…And plenty of fun with food…Since she came into this world, we’ve gone to work with tired eyes more times than we can count, got pooped on and peed like it’s nobody’s business, learned crazy things that happen to the body after having a baby and exclusively breastfeeding, learned that slobber and spit up is not a big deal at all, got our fingers bit, learned to appreciate the value of a shower, realized the importance of the Binky (thank you Jesus!), and yet, we’ve never laughed harder in our lives and our hearts continue to swell with the love this little girl has brought into our happy home.  This year has truly been the best ever, and we can’t wait for what the future holds.  Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet our baby girl – we love you more than you will ever know.
Your Mama & Papa


2 thoughts on “The Best Year Ever

  1. Ever since I went upstairs at the hospital to see how you guys were doing and heard those baby cries, I’ve been in love with our little beauty. I thought I was in love THEN! But every time she puts her foot in my face, or sings herself to sleep I grow to know and love her more. I am amazed at how she is such a feminine, smart little girl, with her dancing and singing and has a girly “tude” too. She has her own mind and speaks it. I love her baby kissies when she opens her mouth like a little bird and leans in to you.
    You and Marty should be proud of yourselves too, You’ve turned into the best parents, I love to see you three all going to communion at mass and I can see an awesome little family growing.
    Thank you for sharing her with me, she makes my world go round

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