12.Months.Old… Everly is ONE!

Wow, I’m still in total shock that I have a one-year-old these days!  This post is a little late, as Everly turned one a few weeks ago, however better late than never, right?  I’m also so excited to share some of Everly’s one year photos, shot by one of my best friends & cousin, Lora.  Besides having quite the talent behind the camera lens, Lora is super crafty and one of my all time favorite people on this Earth.  Please check out Lora’s blog, Maplewood Inn, if you haven’t already.
Everly is walking now!  She started at about 11.5 months and has been going ever since.  She loves to push her little shopping cart or ladybug scooter around our house.

Everly weighs 25 lbs. and is 32.5 inches long.  She’s in the 93rd percentile for weight and 100th percentile for height!  We can’t wait to see those little legs in ballet or gymnastics!

Her vocabulary is growing rapidly.  She says “Hi”, “Bye,” “Mama,” “Dada,” “Pup,” “Baa” (it means bird, trust us) and a few other things we’re still in the process of translating.

Everly loves blueberries, bananas, whole milk in a sippy cup (with a straw!), sugar cookies (only from Grandma & Grandma), hot dogs! (Marty’s so happy about this), bubble baths, lady bugs, and sharing bites of Mama’s Frosted Mini Wheats on Saturday mornings.

She loves to give kisses (wet open mouth ones), hugs, and will fall asleep in a second if you lightly rub the back of her hair and whisper songs in her ear (“Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and “99 Bottles of Beer” are faves). She is the spitting image of her father, only much, much prettier.  She has a heart of gold and is sweet as pie.  We can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us.


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