It’s September!

We’re all just a little bit excited for Fall to get here already.  It’s been one HOT heck of a summer, and while we’ve surely enjoyed our fair share of sunshine and sno-cones, we’ve been cooped up in the AC too much lately and are ready to cool off just a bit.  Besides the weather change, here’s a few other Fall-related things we’re looking forward to:

Apple picking – Last year, this was our first big outing with Everly and this year we can’t wait to see her bopping around the orchard and gathering right along with us.  There will definitely be some apple crisp baking in our near future too!

Pumpkin patchin’ (and really all things pumpkin!) – We can’t wait to take Everly along to our annual trip to Rombach’s this year!  Pumpkin patches also mean Pumpkin Spice lattes and other pumpkin-y delicious things, like these treats.

Baby boys! – Very dear friends of ours are expecting their first little one around September 29 and we couldn’t be more excited for them.  We just can’t wait to meet this special little man!

Fall Crafts – Something about chilly days and Sunday football on the TV just makes me want to curl up in my dining room with a fun project.  I’m thinking about a Fall wreath but haven’t decided which one I like yet.

Me time – Sometimes I get so caught up in being a Mama, a Wife and with my work that I have to remind myself to do a little something for “me.”  So this next month, I’m taking a little extra time to devote to getting back into yoga classes.  Taking well-deserved time for myself makes me a better Mom so this is definitely a huge priority and will be something that will help me unwind in the middle of a crazy work week.

Well, baby’s napping and I’ve got a busy weekend to prepare for – a friend’s birthday dinner on Saturday night, coed baby celebration on Sunday, and then a Labor Day party at the lake on Monday.  Hope you have a good weekend!


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