The Family Bed

Our house has been very quiet lately, at night that is.  We got a new bed & have been sleeping like babies – all three of us piled into our new King size nesting place and snoozing away.  This is a huge deal for us since I, personally, have never owned new bedroom furniture (much less a whole matching set) in my entire life.

Besides a new mattress, I’ve always had the hodge-podge setup of family hand-me-down dressers and mismatched end tables that functioned as nightstands, each one bearing the markings of age and telling their own stories of the children’s rooms they previously inhabited.  I didn’t mind it so much, it always felt like home, and it was.

But being pregnant and carrying a watermelon around for 9 and a half months last year took its toll on my side of the mattress (gulp), and things were getting a little uncomfortable.  The queen bed that once seemed like the coziest place for Marty and I, and our two Boston’s, had become rickety and cramped.  The creaks would awaken me in the early hours of the morning, when a certain late night Xbox gamer (hint: husband) would try to creep aimlessly into bed, unnoticed.  And on countless nights, I would scooch our snoring dogs off only to tuck a teary, teething toddler, next to me and soothe her back to sleep in the only spot in the house that seemed to do the trick: right next to her Mommy & Daddy.

When our new bed and furniture arrived, it somehow made me feel like a grown up.  Although it’s completely brand new, something about its clean lines and ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ look feels very familiar.  And the when the sun shines through the window pane across its honeyed wood, while a certain little angel naps in the afternoon, it makes me feel like it’s just the opening page of the storybook we are writing.

In this very bed, we’ll awaken to eager children’s voices on Christmas mornings.  It will be the spot where we’ll read book and after book, and watch tired eyes drift off to Dreamland.  When we have sick little ones, we’ll nurse them right here.   This will be the very place we’ll rest our eyes after stressful workdays, busy weekends, and the place we’ll long to return to after vacations in faraway places.

We still have a very large painting project ahead of us and a few more pieces to add to our new bedroom collection, but we’re very excited to add to the room.  Pictures to come soon… but now it’s time for a nap!



2 thoughts on “The Family Bed

  1. Cute! I love how she’s just passed out while your dog looks on. I also love how you are a Boston terrier fan as well! They are seriously one of the best dog breeds ever! (Not that I’m biased or anything. haha.)
    Lucky you and your new bed! New beds are wonderful, aren’t they?

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