Moon Face

Dear Everly,

File this under one of the million things about you that i never want to forget.  Your Grandma & Grandpa started teaching you about the moon the other night and trying to get you to say it.  When we say “Moon,” you pucker your lips up (as you are in this picture) and it’s the cutest/funniest/most adorable thing ever!  Tonight I showed you a picture of the full moon (emailed from Grandpa, of course) and when you saw it on my phone, you sleepily pulled your Binky out of your mouth and started doing your signature moon face.  You then ran over to the window and pointed up to the bright white ball in the November sky and said “bye bye”.  Somehow, you always manage to turn a plain old Thursday night into something magical.  Love you, kiddo.

Your Mama

Trick or Treat

This little mischievous, woodland gnome was spotted in our garden on Monday night…

She was up to no good, as usual.  But we decided to keep her anyways.

And who would have thought that Trick-or-Treating would come so naturally to her?

The sneaky little bugger even talked us into letting her have some candy.

Those gnomes just always get their way…

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  We sure did!

E (+ Marty & Everly)