2011 In Review

What a year it’s been!  I’ve been reflecting on 2011 and thought I’d share a few of the year’s highlights…

We went from scooting, to crawling, to talking, and babbling, and climbing in the past 12 months.  This year was a big one for our little girl; Everly tasted plenty of new foods, got to squish sand between her toes and experience the magic of the ocean, celebrated a very special first birthday, and decided she likes our bed way better than her crib.  She’s proven to be quite the fearless little girl, and not a day goes by that she ceases to amaze us with her loving and carefree spirit.

Marty & I
This past year, we both continued to balance the challenges of work and family life, but we could not have done any of it without each other.  We learned some truly remarkable things about parenting this year, and have a lot to celebrate.  On top of taking on extra responsibilities in our professional worlds, we both sucked it up and got our butts back in the gym, and are looking forward to continuing to do so in the New Year.  Also notable, I’m proud to say that I have successfully weaned Everly from nursing after 16 months.  As a longtime advocate for breastfeeding, I’m so proud and happy that I was able to give my daughter the best start in life and hope to do the same with my next child.

2012 – Goals, Dreams & Future Plans
At the top of this list for 2012, I hope to continue to live a healthy lifestyle and do things that genuinely make me happy.  More yoga, cooking whole, healthy meals for my family, blogging more, and taking a day here and there to do something spontaneous with the ones that I love.  These are the things that always put a smile on my face, yet I sometimes find a challenge in fitting them in along with everything else that goes into a typical day.  However, when I make the time, I never regret doing them.  Also on the radar for ’12: we’re counting down the days until we get to return to Destin for another family vacation, and secretly dreading saying Bye-Bye to Everly’s beloved Binky, which will also be happening soon (fingers crossed!)

Thanks to everyone who made our 2011 fantastic!  We love you & can’t wait for what 2012 will bring!  So grab a glass and raise it up, because this one’s gonna be a good one too!


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