21 Months Old

So happy to have her pool out

My Everly,

Since it’s been a few months since I posted your last update, I figured you were probably due for a little something. My, how things have changed in just a few short months. You are running, jumping, climbing, swinging, talking, and learning all sorts of new things day by day. And you always manage to make your Dad and I laugh at any given time- you are such a happy, funny girl and we absolutely love it. The other day, when I asked you what you would like for breakfast, you promptly said, “Honey!”

You love to dance, hug and kiss, and to explore new things. You’re fascinated by nature in all facets. Whether you catch a glimpse of a cardinal bird on one of our walks, find a turtle in your backyard, or see a roly-poly inching along our front steps, it gives you the biggest thrill.

You’re talking like crazy these days, saying your colors, repeating things we say to you, pretending to read my magazines and books, and counting a little bit too! You’re very in tune with reading the emotions of others. You can tell when people around your are sad, or upset, and you always show them affection when they need it most. I love this about you! Sometimes, you get emotional too when you think people are hurt or upset. The other day you got so upset and started crying when you were watching Winnie the Pooh and Piglet fell down and bumped his head.

You love to play with your stuffed animals and take care of them- feeding them, pretending to change their diapers, putting them in your shopping cart and taking them on little trips around the house. You are such a caring little girl, and we know you’re going to make such an amazing big sister! We just love the adventures that every new day brings with you, Everly Grace.

Your Mama

Starfish love

Gotta love driveway pool parties in May


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