Baby Bump Update

Now that I am comfortably well into my second trimester at just about 19 weeks, I figured it was probably time for a little preggie update.  This time around started off a little rougher than my pregnancy with Everly- I feel like I was more tired, nauseous, and generally more rundown at the end of the day this time in comparison to last.  But right around 12-ish weeks, things really took a turn for the positive and I was able to get up off the couch and finally get moving again.

Lately, Everly, the dogs & I walk nearly every night or so (unless it’s ridiculously hot & humid) and just about every morning on the weekends (we’re up and out early, way before the heat hits).  I just started a prenatal yoga class on during the week too, which so far has been great.  Yoga this pregnancy feels phenomenal and Wednesday nights have become my little Mama’s night out.  For 90 minutes I get an incredible workout and end up leaving feeling completely refreshed.

The Bump
I started showing pretty early this time around, and I’m definitely bigger this pregnancy than last time, which is fine with me.  My weight gain seems pretty much on track with where I was when I was pregnant with Ev; my body seems to know exactly what it’s doing this time around.  The baby bump definitely makes me look a bit farther along that I actually am, which is no big deal – this is just the way my body grows babies and I’m completely cool with that.

As far as food goes, I’m definitely trying to be more conscious this time around.  I generally have pretty healthy eating habits, but I’ll definitely indulge when I have a craving.  Every day I usually have an omelet with hot sauce and salsa, and I’ve been seriously into some fresh pineapple lately.  Have I mentioned the snow cone obsession yet?

Boy or Girl?
That’s the big question these days, which soon we’ll have an answer to!  We find out what we’re having next week and we are so excited!  I have a pretty good feeling I think I know what we’re having, but sometimes I wonder if I might be wrong.  It sounds totally cliché, but both Marty and I would be totally nuts over either.  What do you think, pink or blue?

16 weeks

18 weeks

See my baby bump when I was 19 weeks pregnant with Everly here.


One thought on “Baby Bump Update

  1. it’s a girl, no doubt about it or maybe a boy that likes to sit high in the womb, but what do I know I am just a man (Grandpa)… you guys Mom & Dad

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