And we’re having….

A little GIRL!  Can you believe it?  Just as I suspected all along, there’s a little, bouncing baby girl in there and we’re over the moon excited.  While we would have been just as excited in finding out that there was a little gent in there too, we feel so lucky and blessed to soon welcome another happy and healthy little angel into our family.

Walking into our ultrasound appointment yesterday afternoon, Marty turned and said to me, “Something about the thought of two little girls running around makes me so happy.”  Fifteen minutes later, we saw our baby on the monitor and watched as the ultrasound tech pointed out all of the her organ systems.  And just as I had with Everly’s ultrasound, I blurted out, “It’s a girl!” before the tech could even identify the sex herself.

It was an exciting and emotional day, and one that I’ll never forget.  I’m still pinching myself and reeling over the news.  I’m going to be the Mama of two little girls. Marty is going to have two little ladies wrapped around his fingers.  Our house will be filled with the girly laughter of sisters.  SISTERS! 🙂



3 thoughts on “And we’re having….

  1. Yay!!! I’m so excited you both! Sisters!! The Buehler girls are going to have so much fun and have a friendship that compares to nothing else…even while fighting over clothes and barbies 🙂 much love always!

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