Lately these 100-degree-plus days have been spent trying to find interesting things to do indoors, while twiddling our thumbs and waiting patiently until our vacation begins.  (2 more days of work, 6 more days until we get back to this place, but who’s counting?)

If it’s not a workday, we usually fill up Ev’s pool in the early morning and splash around in the bamboo shade of our driveway.  Despite the blistering sun and heat, we stay pretty cool in this part of our property, drinking our lemonade and enjoying the little kiddie pool that’s so quickly become a regular part of our summer days.

Lately, Ev’s been talking up a storm and counting like crazy.  Sometimes she’ll get to around 14 or so, skipping a number here and there, but nonetheless impressive for a 22-month old.  She loves her markers and coloring books, stickers, and turning any surface she can into a balance beam.   Everyday, we talk about the little sister she’s going to have and how much we are all going to have together.

I’ve neglected this little blog since lately I’ve been consumed with a new-to-me toy, my Nikon D3000 DSLR camera, a gift from my Dad (Thanks a MILLION, Dad!).  This thing is amazing, even to a newbie like me, and while I don’t know a thing about photography, I’m sure having some fun playing around and reading about things like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc. (thank you Pinterest).  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually try to apply some of these things in manual mode.  For now though, I mostly shoot in auto and let the camera do all the thinking.  I’m very excited to put this thing to work on the beach and hopefully get some great family shots.

It’s going to be a busy week for us – Marty is traveling a little for work, then we have our annual Fourth of July party at the lake, and after that we’re BEACH BOUND.  Can’t wait!  Hope you’re having a beautiful summer.  Stay cool!



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