Trick or Treat

Wanted to share these pics from Halloween night.  This was the first year that I think Everly’s eyes were truly opened to what Halloween and Trick-or-Treating is really all about.  After an early dinner and lots of anticipation all day, we bundled Ev up in layers and changed her into her pink princess/fairy/ballerina costume and ventured out into our neighborhood.

There were tricks, treats, and a few spooks along the way.  Everly loved seeing the other kids and parents in their costumes, and seeing all the houses that were decked out along St. Clair avenue (THE Halloween place in our neck of the woods).  She wasn’t even scared of the scary spook house and insisted we go back for one more spook before we headed in for the night.

After we got back, we let Ev choose one piece of candy to snack on.  The winner:  a grape Tootsie pop.  She had a blast and has been talking about it ever since.  We can’t wait to Trick-or-Treat next year with our TWO little girls!  Until then, we’re holding down the fort and waiting for Baby A to make an appearance.

Everly is two years and three months old, and I am 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant.


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