On Christmas and New Traditions

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There was some serious Christmas magic in the Buehler household this year, oh yes there was.  This year was a pretty special one for us; it being Amelia’s first Christmas as well as the first Christmas where Everly truly got a taste of the season and all of the merriment that goes along with it.  It was so exciting to see everything through her eyes and for Marty and I to start some new traditions that we’ll be continuing with the girls over the years.

Everly and I managed to sneak some cookie baking in on the day before Christmas Eve (we made these sugar doodles which were amazing!). We also watched lots of Christmas programs and read plenty of Christmas stories (The Polar Express and Twas the Night Before Christmas- a recorded book narrated by Everly’s Gobble himself).

On Christmas Eve, Everly and Marty set out cookies and Maker’s Mark for Santa (Marty insisted) and left a few carrots and celery for Santa’s reindeer.  The Big Man definitely appreciated the refreshments too, as he left Everly and Amelia a nice little stash of presents and maybe even a few for Marty & I.  After opening her gifts, Everly was happy to put on her new apron and help make breakfast before the rest of the family festivities.

All in all, it was a very happy holiday for us.  Marty and I are just truly thankful for two happy, healthy girls and that we’re able to spend the holidays with those who mean the most to us.  We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright, and full of love and laughter. Wishing you all the best in 2013.



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