Spring 2013 090

We’ve been venturing out as much as possible lately, now that the warmer weather has finally found it’s way to us.  I usually rush out the doors of work as close to 5 as possible and hurry home with the kids to meet Marty.  I usually put together a quick dinner, clean up, and have just enough time left to load the girls up in the double stroller, harness the dogs and hit the neighborhood for a walk at the most perfect part of the day.

If there’s not enough time for that, we’re happy enough to explore our big backyard, as long as we get to enjoy some fresh air, hear the birds chirp, and catch a glimpse of the sun creeping down over the horizon.  Spring is finally here.

my little clone

Everly usually goes straight for her swing, which she has just about outgrown…  Otherwise, she’s exploring elsewhere or peeking through the garden looking for things to collect.

Spring 2013 115

She recently discovered the trampoline, which obviously was a huge hit!

Spring 2013 120

always smiling

always smiling

And Mila is absolutely enamored with all of her surroundings when we’re outside.  She loves the cool breeze, the chatter of finches through the bamboo, and watching Everly lead the way, taking it all in while tucked tightly against me in her sling.

It’s raining this weekend so we’ve got some indoor activities lined up and spring cleaning to do, though we are all looking forward to much more outdoor time soon.  Here’s to many more summer adventures!