Beach Life

We’ve been back from vacation for almost a month now and I’m already craving a beach.  There’s something about the crisp air, hot sun, and a long, salty swim that speaks to me.  Or maybe it’s just being with my family, uninterrupted by the distractions of our busy day-to-day lives that I associate this beach with.  But this annual beach trip, I need it more than anything.  Give me nothing but this beach, and I am the happiest girl in the world.

Our week in Destin was wonderful, as usual.  Everly was in love with the water – whether at the pool or out on her big pink raft in the Gulf – she was as happy as a clam and we were shocked that the kid didn’t grow fins by the end of the week.  She was either in the water or asking Ganny, Gobble, or Kyle to take her swimming.  And Amelia was just as enamored with the ocean as her sister, though she spent much more time napping under the  umbrella as the waves crashed and rolled not far away.

I paddleboarded for the first time this year and actually really enjoyed it! We were blessed to have multiple dolphin encounters this year, both on the board and in the water during a swim, which was nothing short of exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. WOWSERS is all I can say!

I stayed up late drinking wine and talking with my sister every night and can’t imagine not doing this every year.  I think I love this most of all.  Sisters are just the best, aren’t they?  In this first picture below, Halley and I just missed a small nurse shark swimming past us just a few feet away.  That’s Ganny and Ev on the raft behind us, who were totally unfazed by the shark siting.  Yikes!

Destin 2013 155

Destin 2013 143

Destin 2013 145



Destin 2013 007

Destin 2013 153




Destin 2013 079

Destin 2013 081

Destin 2013 089

Destin 2013 167

family pic

Destin 2013 195

Destin 2013 192

Destin 2013 197

Destin 2013 186


We can’t wait until next year!

See our Destin 2011 pictures and Destin 2012 pictures too!


3 thoughts on “Beach Life

  1. Ohhh Erin! Another beautifully written entry in this ongoing story that I so enjoy reading and sometimes being a part of. You are a wonderful mother. Very PROUD OF YOU, and all your accomplishments. Keep it going. Love you,

    • Thank you Aunt Mary! I love that you read my blog – it makes me so happy! And I love going on vacation with you every year. The BEST memories are made on that beach, and though our footprints in the sand fade away each year, those memories never will! 🙂

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