Squeezing Out the Last Bits of Summer

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is just a few days away and just how fast this summer has gone by.  Seems like just the other day we were peeking out our windows looking for the first signs of spring and now we’re seeing little glimpses of fall and starting to hear the familiar crackle of dried leaves wisping down the driveway.

We have been squeezing in every last ounce of summer that we can – we got in one last day at the pool last Saturday and are heading to the lake this weekend.  We’ve been enjoying as much of our favorite summer fruits as possible and jump at the chance to go on a fro-yo or ice cream run every opportunity that we get.  We’re definitely summer people around here, and while we’re looking forward to a change in season and a break for our air conditioner, we’ll definitely be a little sad to say goodbye to summer for another whole year.

I’m happy to say that we definitely knocked quite a bit off our summer bucket list this year.  We took the girls to the zoo, visited the Missouri Botanical Garden, introduced Everly to the Magic House, visited our favorite beach in the world, spent time at the lake, caught lots of lightning bugs, ate tons of fro-yo, Ev spent plenty of time in her favorite Lazy River (at the pool), we baked a peach-berry cobbler, and we let Ev howl at the moon as much as she liked (don’t ask)… What else?  I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting.  Anyhow, I’m currently putting together our family bucket list for fall and taking suggestions.  Much more on that later.

Everly is three years old and Amelia is 9/12 months old.


august 2013 001

august 2013 024

august 2013 025

august 2013 005

august 2013 011

august 2013 022

august 2013 007

august 2013 026

august 2013 028

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