Pumpkin Patchin’ at Eckert’s

summer 2013 084

summer 2013 093

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On Saturday we decided to seek out a new pumpkin patch with some of our best friends.  We ended up at Eckert’s Orchards and the girls had a blast!  The weather was a little chilly but we were happy that there was plenty of sunshine and the girls were comfy in a few layers and their hoodies.

There were plenty of pumpkins, a petting zoo, pony rides, a parakeet house, camels(!), and piggy races.  Everly loved riding her pony, “Poky,” and I literally had to peel Marty away from a cannon that launched pumpkins (and then explain multiple times why we couldn’t get one).

We got quite the intro to Amelia as a toddler that day.  She was all over the place!  She wanted to climb out of the wagon and explore everything whether it was the animals, a corn dog stand, or a barrel of gourds.  She happily jumped into a huge pile of hay and nearly walked into a 4-inch mud puddle.  The girl definitely kept me on my toes that day.   Oh, Milly… 🙂  We somehow managed to snap a few pictures of her when she wasn’t on-the-go, however in most of them she is just a little blonde blur!

It was a lovely weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to hit up a few more pumpkin patches before the weather changes over.  We’re looking forward to carving pumpkins, Halloween, and planning Amelia’s first birthday in just a few weeks!

Here’s a peek at our pumpkin patch trip last year – I was as big as a house! 🙂  Also check out pumpkin patch pictures from 2011 here and here, and Everly’s first trip to the pumpkin patch!


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