Everly’s 4th Birthday

This post is about 5 months late, but at least I got these pictures up before her 5th birthday!  It was a typically hot August Saturday at Ganny and Gobble’s and we had a Barbie cake (from Lubeley’s), Pointer’s pizza, and lots of presents of course.  We are always so overwhelmed with how many family members and friends make it out to celebrate her birthday each year – she is such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many great people in her life!

I am smiling so much looking at these pictures and seeing how happy Ev was on this day and how much she’s grown up so much since then.  Slow down with the growing little lady!

2013-2014 239 2013-2014 243 2013-2014 249 2013-2014 259 2013-2014 264 2013-2014 273 2013-2014 278 2013-2014 285 2013-2014 291 2013-2014 295

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