Amelia’s Second Birthday

Milly’s second birthday was here in a flash and she (and Big Sis of course) loved every minute of it.  On her actual birthday, we surprised her with a new backpack (just like Everly’s) and a new Aurora nightgown and slippers.  The girls both took their first train ride with Ganny and Gobble that day, and that night we took the birthday girl out to her very first haircut – it was time to part with the little blonde mullet. 🙂

Literally, every picture of this kid was blurry at her birthday party; she was having so much fun and just couldn’t sit still.  Sticking with tradition, it was a Pointer’s pizza and Lubeley’s cupcake kind of day.  As always, Marty and I were overwhelmed with how many family members and friends came out to join us in celebrating her big day.

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Long Overdue Beach Pics

It’s been a while.  6 months since my last post to be exact.  A lot has happened since then.  But rather than explain it all, here are some long over due pictures documenting our wonderful summer.  I traveled to New York on business,we went back to our home away from home (the beach!), Everly turned four, and Milly enjoyed her first trip to Urgent Care for stitches.  Life is moving WAY too fast these days…

And yes, perhaps our biggest news is that the littlest Buehler will be here February 2015. 🙂  We just can’t believe we’re going to be a family of five.  Everly has been holding some very serious big sister training sessions for Milly and we are all so excited to meet #3.

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Moments to Freeze in Time


Most nights our house echoes with the banter of two teeny girls playing with toys, bare feet padding down the hardwood floors, each chasing after the other one and usually trying to retrieve a toy that one sister has claimed.  Two tiny hands lock on the toy and before I know it, both of them are red-faced and trying to pull it away from the other one, high-pitched squeals and eyes welling up with tears.  Sometimes there is even hair pulling (Milly, that would be all you) and there is almost always crying involved.

Usually, it ends with me just taking the toy or giving Everly the same rundown she’s been hearing since Milly could take stuff: “She’s just a baby.  She doesn’t know how to share yet.  Just give it to her.  Be a big girl.”  And she does, reluctantly, and I wonder if it’s wrong, what I’m doing.

Some days I break up more fights than I can count, and I wonder if you both know, amid all the drama, just how sacred your sisterhood really is.

Tonight, as I was putting Everly to bed, she brought up the beach and how she is excited to go back this summer.  We talked about going into the ocean on the big pink raft with Ganny, eating popsicles by the pool, and how much fun we were going to have.  I mentioned her pink floatie and how important it was for us to be safe by the water this year.

“Mommy. I don’t want Milly to go by the water,” she said, her voice taking a serious tone.  Thinking she was already not wanting to share the ocean with her little sis, I explained that Milly was going to swim with us this year.

“I just don’t want anything bad to happen to her,” her voice cracked softly.  “I’m just worried about her and I know she’s gonna fall in the water, and I just don’t want anything bad to happen to her!”  Before I could say anything else, she burst into tears and hugged me tightly, tears streaming down her face.  I shushed her and held her close as she calmed down, explaining that she was a good big sister, and that it’s OK to be worried about Mil but that she was going to be OK, and that we should always watch out for her.

Trying to keep from laughing out loud or bursting into tears myself, this was one of those moments where I just thought: “Freeze this moment right now.  Never forget this.”

Dear Everly & Amelia, I am sure there are many more arguments with each other in your futures, but my only wish is that you never stop looking out for each other, and that you always remember, that even at 3 1/2 and 16 months old, you were each other’s world.

Your Mom


Can we flash back to November for a sec?  Because the holidays got the best of me and I totally forgot to post pics from Milly’s first birthday party!  Totally guilty, but yes, rewind to 11.09.13.  It was an unusually warm and sunny day and we were so happy to open our house up and invite our nearest and dearest to join us for some BBQ, cupcakes, and good old birthday fun.

The night before the party, Marty and I stayed up late putting together a birthday banner for Milly and a sweet little photo collage of some of our favorite pictures since Milly’s birth.  The girls were SO excited to wake up that Saturday morning to a house full of decorations and balloons.  Milly got plenty of presents and was honestly more excited about the wrapping paper and bows!  It was such a good day, and I must say, age ONE is quite fun… 🙂

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And Then She Was One…

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Dear Amelia,

I can’t believe it has really been a whole year since you’ve joined our family.  An entire year since we brought your tiny self home from the hospital swaddled in the cold November to meet a very excited Big Sister and two very curious pups.  We’ve rocked, shushed, kissed, snuggled, giggled, cried, had many sleepless nights, and smiled our way through 365 days of Amelia June, and life honestly has never been better.

In those early morning hours, sunlit afternoons, and late nights, I’ve found in you, a new best friend, a new reason to smile, to say yes, and to be my absolute best self each and every day.  Your fierce heart and fiery spirit are what makes you so special, and my wish is that you will always hold onto that spark!  Your Dad and I know that like your sister, you have such a purpose here, and that you will do wonderful things on this Earth.

On the day we brought you home, you peered up to your Big Sister with such intrigue and haven’t stopped since.  She loves you so much, and it makes me so proud and happy that you entered this world with a best friend for life.   Happy birthday, little princess; I hope all your wishes come true.  We love you so, Milly.

Mom, Dad, and Everly



Dear Everly,

These days, your imagination has been running wild and we have been just smitten with your little three-year-old ways.  Our pediatrician told us at your 3-year old checkup that this would happen and she was correct – right around  your 3rd birthday your creativity has been blossoming and your Dad and I love watching you become so inspired by things.  A few recent examples:

1.  Every night we head into the bedroom, you spot Roxy by the bed and exclaim: “Look!  There’s the crocodile!”  You have also been very fond of decking Roxy out in your headbands, which she happily obliges.

2.  Sitting on my lap tonight, I hugged you tight and looked into your big eyes and said, “What happened?  You used to be my baby and now here you are, such a big girl,” to which you matter-of-factly replied, “It’s because I like to eat bananas.”  Duh.

3.  You are always finding make-believe animals here and there.  Tonight it was a snake in between the couch and end table.  “Look Mommy!  It’s a pink snake!  But it’s a nice pink snake, don’t worry Mommy.  He’s just a little hungry.”

Even in your when throwing a tantrum, you never fail to make your Dad or I crack a smile in a heated moment when trying to discipline you.  But we love it.  It’s what makes you, you, and seeing the way your little mind processes this world means everything to us.  You are our sunshine girl, always.  I hope you continue to tune into this wonderful creative side of yours and always keep that spark alive.