Can we flash back to November for a sec?  Because the holidays got the best of me and I totally forgot to post pics from Milly’s first birthday party!  Totally guilty, but yes, rewind to 11.09.13.  It was an unusually warm and sunny day and we were so happy to open our house up and invite our nearest and dearest to join us for some BBQ, cupcakes, and good old birthday fun.

The night before the party, Marty and I stayed up late putting together a birthday banner for Milly and a sweet little photo collage of some of our favorite pictures since Milly’s birth.  The girls were SO excited to wake up that Saturday morning to a house full of decorations and balloons.  Milly got plenty of presents and was honestly more excited about the wrapping paper and bows!  It was such a good day, and I must say, age ONE is quite fun… 🙂

Amelia's First Birthday 163

Amelia's First Birthday 177

Amelia's First Birthday 176

Amelia's First Birthday 160

Amelia's First Birthday 161

Amelia's First Birthday 172

Amelia's First Birthday 179

Amelia's First Birthday 181

Amelia's First Birthday 183

Amelia's First Birthday 189

Amelia's First Birthday 187

Amelia's First Birthday 202

Amelia's First Birthday 211

Amelia's First Birthday 214

And Then She Was One…

fall 2013 014

Dear Amelia,

I can’t believe it has really been a whole year since you’ve joined our family.  An entire year since we brought your tiny self home from the hospital swaddled in the cold November to meet a very excited Big Sister and two very curious pups.  We’ve rocked, shushed, kissed, snuggled, giggled, cried, had many sleepless nights, and smiled our way through 365 days of Amelia June, and life honestly has never been better.

In those early morning hours, sunlit afternoons, and late nights, I’ve found in you, a new best friend, a new reason to smile, to say yes, and to be my absolute best self each and every day.  Your fierce heart and fiery spirit are what makes you so special, and my wish is that you will always hold onto that spark!  Your Dad and I know that like your sister, you have such a purpose here, and that you will do wonderful things on this Earth.

On the day we brought you home, you peered up to your Big Sister with such intrigue and haven’t stopped since.  She loves you so much, and it makes me so proud and happy that you entered this world with a best friend for life.   Happy birthday, little princess; I hope all your wishes come true.  We love you so, Milly.

Mom, Dad, and Everly

3 Years and 9 Months


Someone needs to tell these girls to S L O W it down with the growing already, because clearly they are not listening to my pleas.  I feel like I just brought a teeny, swaddled Everly home from the hospital, blinked, and then I was bringing an even teenier, swaddled Amelia home to join us.  We just had our 3 year and 9-month checkup with our pediatrician and as expected, everyone is doing fantastic.



At 9 months, Amelia weighs about 19 lbs 9 oz (68th percentile), and measures 2 ft 5 inches (93rd percentile).  She’ll be tall just like Mom and Big Sis.  She still has those sparkling blue eyes and the softest, golden hair.  We started calling her Milma (compliments of Gobble) or Milly.  She has her two bottom teeth and she’s been working on her top two teeth this week – any day now!  And…

We officially have a walker!  Amelia started walking about a week before she turned 9-months – which is crazy!  And like a true sister, she decided to start walking at her sister’s 3rd birthday party in an attempt to steal her thunder.

Lately, this kid LOVES her food and sometimes eats her older sister under the table.  We started pureed foods at 6 months and I’m pretty sure by 8 months we were exclusively on regular food – she’s  such a little foodie!  She likes pretty much anything – her favorites are blueberries, bananas, noodles, toast, corn, and anything Everly seems to be snacking on.  Speaking of her sister, these two girls are all about playing with each other lately.  When they’re both  awake, our house is filled with the squeals of two giggly girls, just as I always suspected it would be.

At 3 years old, Everly is super imaginative and playful.  A her 3 year checkup, she weighed 36 lbs and measured 3 ft, 3 inches tall.  She started preschool this week and has really been doing wonderful and thriving.  I have to admit I was nervous about starting her in a school setting so early, especially since she has never been in daycare, but after this week, I know I made the right decision.  Everly comes home refreshed and content and has so much to tell us about.



Listening to her favorite song on the way to her first day of school.

Listening to her favorite song on the way to her first day of school.

We are so happy and proud of her!  She loves listening to reggae in her Daddy’s car – her favorite is “A Message to You Rudy” by the Specials.  Some of her other favorites are going to the park, playing dress up, taking care of her bears, getting her nails painted, baking anything, and going to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt (she seriously asks us every night).  Oh and her little sister, she won’t go to bed without giving her a big kiss, and usually asks for her first thing when she wakes up.  These girls are my heart.



I think my last post touched on the fact that Spring was finally here… Well here we are well into June and I’m finally getting around to posting again. With the warm weather, the girls are loving being outside as much as possible.  Whether it’s swimming, swinging, or exploring, we try to get out as much as we can!

Everly is loving the water these days! Give the girl a pool or a watering can and she’s as happy as can be.  We had a rainy Sunday and Everly decided to suit up in her snow boots and rain coat, and armed with Uncle Kyle and her princess umbrella, she was perfectly content heading out in the wet weather to search for puddles to jump in.  Besides adventuring in her big backyard, she’s looking forward to turning THREE in August and starting preschool later this summer!

Amelia is just the happiest, most joyful little soul.  She is constantly cracking up at her sister, or flashing these huge smiles when you catch her eye – she just makes my day!  She is so close to crawling and is always on the go.  The kid can clear the length of a room with a handful of body rolls, squealing with laughter the entire time.  Such a stinker!

We’re counting down the days til our family vacation in Destin next month!  We’ve been going to the same beach for the past three years and it’s definitely a family tradition that we plan on continuing each year with the girls.  Check out our pics from Destin 2012 and Destin 2011.  We can’t wait!

summer 2013 048

summer 2013 060

summer 2013 044

summer 2013 049

summer 2013 014



Spring 2013 090

We’ve been venturing out as much as possible lately, now that the warmer weather has finally found it’s way to us.  I usually rush out the doors of work as close to 5 as possible and hurry home with the kids to meet Marty.  I usually put together a quick dinner, clean up, and have just enough time left to load the girls up in the double stroller, harness the dogs and hit the neighborhood for a walk at the most perfect part of the day.

If there’s not enough time for that, we’re happy enough to explore our big backyard, as long as we get to enjoy some fresh air, hear the birds chirp, and catch a glimpse of the sun creeping down over the horizon.  Spring is finally here.

my little clone

Everly usually goes straight for her swing, which she has just about outgrown…  Otherwise, she’s exploring elsewhere or peeking through the garden looking for things to collect.

Spring 2013 115

She recently discovered the trampoline, which obviously was a huge hit!

Spring 2013 120

always smiling

always smiling

And Mila is absolutely enamored with all of her surroundings when we’re outside.  She loves the cool breeze, the chatter of finches through the bamboo, and watching Everly lead the way, taking it all in while tucked tightly against me in her sling.

It’s raining this weekend so we’ve got some indoor activities lined up and spring cleaning to do, though we are all looking forward to much more outdoor time soon.  Here’s to many more summer adventures!