Everly’s 2nd Birthday Party

The Birthday girl covered in cake, and surrounded by her favorite people.

And what a party it was!  We had blue skies, sunshine, and lovely weather that Saturday afternoon.  A few of our nearest and dearest joined us for snacks, drinks & cake and a lot of fun with the Birthday girl.  Our little party was the perfect size for our little house and we were so thrilled that everyone came out to join us.  Everly loved her birthday cupcakes (and I definitely enjoyed making them!) and insisted on blowing out candles and singing “Happy Birthday” a few times.

She got lots of toys, books and dress-up clothes, along with a Princess castle and special teepee from Marty and I.  Lots of fun was had and so many memories were made.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!


Dear Everly, You Are Two Today

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday the first of three times.

My sweet little Everly,

It’s hard to believe that two years ago our lives were so different, and little did we anticipate how quickly things would change the split second we locked eyes with you.  You changed everything and continue to show us the greatness of life each and every day.

You are talking up a storm these days, and let me tell you, there is nothing like seeing how that little amazing mind of yours works.  Your Dad and I could sit and talk with you for hours; we love hearing all of your observations and thoughts… you are something else, Everly, something special.  Each day I see little glimpses of the lady you are growing into, and I know you’re going to be an amazing big sister to our next little one.  Happy 2nd birthday my tiny princess, we love you to the moon and back.

Your Mama and Daddy

Another Week in Paradise

It’s been a few (long) weeks since we’ve been back from our annual family vacation at the beach and I’m finally getting around to posting some of our photos.  Better late than never, right?  The Emerald Coast, was absolutely breathtaking, as it always is, and captured our hearts the same way it does every year.  We were happy to leave behind our normal routines in St. Louis and live a week of the beach life, with no set bedtimes, nap times, or mealtimes, and just going with the flow and whatever felt best.  Everly, just as we suspected, proved to be quite the little fish we thought her to be and spent every spare second she could swimming in the pool or with us in the ocean (she did NOT care for the sand, however).  We can’t believe we’ll have another little guppy in tow with us next year!  I am 25 weeks pregnant in these pictures and here I am 25 weeks pregnant with Everly.  Enjoy these pictures – we’ll be looking at them all year til we get to go back!


Lately these 100-degree-plus days have been spent trying to find interesting things to do indoors, while twiddling our thumbs and waiting patiently until our vacation begins.  (2 more days of work, 6 more days until we get back to this place, but who’s counting?)

If it’s not a workday, we usually fill up Ev’s pool in the early morning and splash around in the bamboo shade of our driveway.  Despite the blistering sun and heat, we stay pretty cool in this part of our property, drinking our lemonade and enjoying the little kiddie pool that’s so quickly become a regular part of our summer days.

Lately, Ev’s been talking up a storm and counting like crazy.  Sometimes she’ll get to around 14 or so, skipping a number here and there, but nonetheless impressive for a 22-month old.  She loves her markers and coloring books, stickers, and turning any surface she can into a balance beam.   Everyday, we talk about the little sister she’s going to have and how much we are all going to have together.

I’ve neglected this little blog since lately I’ve been consumed with a new-to-me toy, my Nikon D3000 DSLR camera, a gift from my Dad (Thanks a MILLION, Dad!).  This thing is amazing, even to a newbie like me, and while I don’t know a thing about photography, I’m sure having some fun playing around and reading about things like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, etc. (thank you Pinterest).  Maybe one of these days I’ll actually try to apply some of these things in manual mode.  For now though, I mostly shoot in auto and let the camera do all the thinking.  I’m very excited to put this thing to work on the beach and hopefully get some great family shots.

It’s going to be a busy week for us – Marty is traveling a little for work, then we have our annual Fourth of July party at the lake, and after that we’re BEACH BOUND.  Can’t wait!  Hope you’re having a beautiful summer.  Stay cool!


Memorial Day at the Lake

Just thought I’d share a few pictures from our little “stay-cation” this past holiday weekend at the lake.  We enjoyed lots of fresh air, BBQ, fun times with friends, and plenty of laughter.  It was also our 6th wedding anniversary that Saturday, so a little low key overnight gathering with friends was the perfect little way to celebrate.  We had a blast and can’t wait for the rest of this summer’s adventures to come.



First snow cone!

First snow cones of the season and definitely not the last! I was a big time snow cone junkie when I was pregnant with Everly and that craving has returned with this pregnancy too. It was only natural to bring Ev along today and introduce her to her first snow cone, which she absolutely loved.

Me: “Want to go get snow cones, Evy?” Ev: “Cone nuts? Yeah!” It was a done deal.

She had Strawberry, I had Tiger’s Blood, and they were a godsend in the 89-degree heat. The whole way home Ev talked to us about the “cones” and how good they were. Looks like I officially have another snow cone fan to hang out with this summer. 🙂

Very happy girls

We had a delightful weekend. We had friends over on Saturday night and I made these enchiladas which were fantastic. Ev stayed up late with us and was the highlight of the night, dancing to records in her PJ’s until her eyes grew heavy and she took my hand to take her to bed. One of my best friends, Lauren, and I, stayed up late talking and even decided to go on a late-night milkshake run. It was a lovely weekend indeed.


21 Months Old

So happy to have her pool out

My Everly,

Since it’s been a few months since I posted your last update, I figured you were probably due for a little something. My, how things have changed in just a few short months. You are running, jumping, climbing, swinging, talking, and learning all sorts of new things day by day. And you always manage to make your Dad and I laugh at any given time- you are such a happy, funny girl and we absolutely love it. The other day, when I asked you what you would like for breakfast, you promptly said, “Honey!”

You love to dance, hug and kiss, and to explore new things. You’re fascinated by nature in all facets. Whether you catch a glimpse of a cardinal bird on one of our walks, find a turtle in your backyard, or see a roly-poly inching along our front steps, it gives you the biggest thrill.

You’re talking like crazy these days, saying your colors, repeating things we say to you, pretending to read my magazines and books, and counting a little bit too! You’re very in tune with reading the emotions of others. You can tell when people around your are sad, or upset, and you always show them affection when they need it most. I love this about you! Sometimes, you get emotional too when you think people are hurt or upset. The other day you got so upset and started crying when you were watching Winnie the Pooh and Piglet fell down and bumped his head.

You love to play with your stuffed animals and take care of them- feeding them, pretending to change their diapers, putting them in your shopping cart and taking them on little trips around the house. You are such a caring little girl, and we know you’re going to make such an amazing big sister! We just love the adventures that every new day brings with you, Everly Grace.

Your Mama

Starfish love

Gotta love driveway pool parties in May

Dear Everly, You Are 18 Months Old

Dear Everly,

At just 6 months shy of age Two, you never cease to amaze your Dad and I with showing  us something new you’ve learned each passing day.  You’re like a little sponge, taking in each and every person you encounter, reading their feelings, studying their movements and mannerisms, and imitating actions, repeating words, and using everything in your power to communicate.

Recently, you’ve demonstrated your interest in climbing and love walking on the balance beam at your tumbling class.  You also love pretend-play with your stuffed animals, brushing your teeth, and reading books.  Most of all, my little Everly, you love to move your body and dance when you hear the sound of music.  You’re never inhibited- even in a room full of strangers- and I hope you always hold on to this confidence.

You’re starting to show so much affection toward others, which warms my heart like nothing else.  You always have a hug for me, a kiss for your Dad, and a snuggle for Roxy and Leyla, and your awareness about others’ feelings is starting to grow more apparent to those close to you.

Your reaction to the world and things around you is quite humbling.  Many times I’ll hear you gasp in excitement at the sight of a full moon through our dining room window, or I’ll catch your eyes widen in wonder as a sunset peeks over the horizon.  It makes me remember the true beauty in ordinary things that we sometimes take for granted, which is such an important lesson you’ve taught me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t tell you that you are beautiful, that you are smart, and that you are important, and if I teach you anything in this life, I’ll do everything within my power to make sure that you always know this.

Your Mama

Lazy Weekend

It’s been quite the lazy weekend over here, given that 2/3 of our house is currently under the weather.   Friday night, Everly woke up in the middle of the night with a very hoarse cough and was having trouble breathing.  She had what I’m pretty sure was a Croup attack, which luckily in our case, was not serious.  We used a cool mist vaporizer, which seemed to help a lot, and I slept right by her side all night, waking up to check on her each time she stirred.  Saturday morning, she was her usual happy, devilish self.  🙂

We kept up with the lazy trend for the rest of the weekend: I put on a big pot of Vegetable Beef Barley soup, my parents stopped by for a visit, Marty grabbed some records, we stayed up late & watched a movie, and I even squeezed in a trip to H&M to pick up a few things.

Around dinnertime tonight, I noticed Everly seemed warmer than usual and tired, so I gave her a bath and once she was out and in pajamas, she reached up for me and actually led me to our bed- two and a half hours before her normal bedtime, I might add.  This is not characteristic of her at all, so I’m crossing my fingers that she’s not coming down with something else.

A few pictures from our weekend…

Hope you have a lovely week!


Little Yoginis

Today was a very special little girl’s 3rd birthday party and also Everly’s very first yoga practice!  That’s right, we attended a yoga-themed kids’ birthday party at the studio where I’ve been practicing for the last few years, and also where the Birthday Girl’s Mom (and a good friend of mine) is an instructor.

We were stoked to see how Everly took to it and weren’t surprised one bit when she jumped right in with all the kids on the mats.  We can’t say that she mastered any poses this time but she sure had lots of fun and definitely seemed intrigued with what was going on around her.

Here’s a few shots from today…

The kids followed a playful practice, then decorated Tree Pose cookies with icing and sprinkles.  It was hands down the most adorable kids’ party we’ve ever attended!