31 weeks – only 9 weeks left!

Linneman Shower Fun
I had my first baby shower this past Sunday with the Linneman’s and had SUCH a great time!  It was about a 90 degree day in May and I’m so lucky that my fantastic Aunts Mary and Clare hosted such an amazing shower.  Everything was great – from the drinks (Halley’s signature cocktail was the Peach Penguin – which was a huge hit) to the food (mini pita wraps with delicious chicken salad and pork tenderloin crostinis with berry horseradish cream among many other tasty treats) to the game (cutest baby shower game EVER that had everyone laughing out of their chairs) to the extremely good company that day!  It was so great to share the excitement and anticipation of this baby girl with you all and I’m just tickled to death at all the well wishes and thoughtful gifts I received.  Thank you to everyone who came and shared this day with me – and a very special thank you to my Aunts for hosting such a fun shower.    Aunt Ann – I miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!  Hopefully, I’ll be a Mama by then and will be introducing you to my little one!  I’m really so blessed to have the BEST family. 🙂

By the way, the picture above is Marty testing out the Baby Bjorn (one of his favorite gifts that I received at my shower) with one VERY good girl.  Lucy was right at home in it!

And the picture below is my 31 week bump pic. And yes, that is a bowl of strawberry shortcake that is balanced on my belly.  Could have killed Marty for taking the picture but then thought it was kind of funny and perfect for my blog.