Amelia’s Second Birthday

Milly’s second birthday was here in a flash and she (and Big Sis of course) loved every minute of it.  On her actual birthday, we surprised her with a new backpack (just like Everly’s) and a new Aurora nightgown and slippers.  The girls both took their first train ride with Ganny and Gobble that day, and that night we took the birthday girl out to her very first haircut – it was time to part with the little blonde mullet. 🙂

Literally, every picture of this kid was blurry at her birthday party; she was having so much fun and just couldn’t sit still.  Sticking with tradition, it was a Pointer’s pizza and Lubeley’s cupcake kind of day.  As always, Marty and I were overwhelmed with how many family members and friends came out to join us in celebrating her big day.

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And Then She Was One…

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Dear Amelia,

I can’t believe it has really been a whole year since you’ve joined our family.  An entire year since we brought your tiny self home from the hospital swaddled in the cold November to meet a very excited Big Sister and two very curious pups.  We’ve rocked, shushed, kissed, snuggled, giggled, cried, had many sleepless nights, and smiled our way through 365 days of Amelia June, and life honestly has never been better.

In those early morning hours, sunlit afternoons, and late nights, I’ve found in you, a new best friend, a new reason to smile, to say yes, and to be my absolute best self each and every day.  Your fierce heart and fiery spirit are what makes you so special, and my wish is that you will always hold onto that spark!  Your Dad and I know that like your sister, you have such a purpose here, and that you will do wonderful things on this Earth.

On the day we brought you home, you peered up to your Big Sister with such intrigue and haven’t stopped since.  She loves you so much, and it makes me so proud and happy that you entered this world with a best friend for life.   Happy birthday, little princess; I hope all your wishes come true.  We love you so, Milly.

Mom, Dad, and Everly

A Party Fit for a Princess

Everly’s third birthday was simple and perfect – we celebrated with just our closest family and friends at my parents house on her actual birthday, which happened to fall on a Saturday.  We kept the day easy with pizza, beer, and princess cake (of course) and the kid couldn’t have been happier.

That morning after breakfast and a few presents, I treated Everly to her very first manicure and pedicure at this little kids’ salon at the mall.  It was the silliest thing ever but she just LOVED every second of it, and I can’t say I blame her.  She picked out pink for her tootsies and sparkly red for her fingers, and giggled during her leg and foot massage.  She also had her hair pulled up into a little braid, chose a pink glitter heart for her cheek, and picked out Cupcake-scented perfume.  It was adorable seeing her so happy getting dolled up before her party.

Amelia decided to start walking that day, so Everly politely let her steal the spotlight for a bit, only to take center stage as soon as she put on her new roller skates and had Kyle take her for a few spins around the house.  After opening presents and eating plenty of cake and ice cream, the sky cleared up and both girls ended up in the pool with Gobble (pictured, yes).  We finished the day with a chicken sighting in the backyard (one of the neighbor’s escaped the coop and Everly helped in the rescue efforts).  It was a perfect day for a third birthday party, fit for a little princess.

















Everly’s 2nd Birthday Party

The Birthday girl covered in cake, and surrounded by her favorite people.

And what a party it was!  We had blue skies, sunshine, and lovely weather that Saturday afternoon.  A few of our nearest and dearest joined us for snacks, drinks & cake and a lot of fun with the Birthday girl.  Our little party was the perfect size for our little house and we were so thrilled that everyone came out to join us.  Everly loved her birthday cupcakes (and I definitely enjoyed making them!) and insisted on blowing out candles and singing “Happy Birthday” a few times.

She got lots of toys, books and dress-up clothes, along with a Princess castle and special teepee from Marty and I.  Lots of fun was had and so many memories were made.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!


Dear Everly, You Are Two Today

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday the first of three times.

My sweet little Everly,

It’s hard to believe that two years ago our lives were so different, and little did we anticipate how quickly things would change the split second we locked eyes with you.  You changed everything and continue to show us the greatness of life each and every day.

You are talking up a storm these days, and let me tell you, there is nothing like seeing how that little amazing mind of yours works.  Your Dad and I could sit and talk with you for hours; we love hearing all of your observations and thoughts… you are something else, Everly, something special.  Each day I see little glimpses of the lady you are growing into, and I know you’re going to be an amazing big sister to our next little one.  Happy 2nd birthday my tiny princess, we love you to the moon and back.

Your Mama and Daddy