And just like that… it was October!

This month started off with the best surprise ever – the long awaited arrival of the sweetest little baby boy, Wesley Maxwell.  On a beautiful , blue-skied Sunday morning, we made it to the hospital just a few hours after he was born and got to welcome him alongside his happy parents (we felt so lucky ourselves!).  Welcome to the world, Wesley – we have so many fun times ahead of us!

Besides getting to meet the little man, we’ve been relishing in this perfect Indian Summer weather and taking every chance to get outside in the fresh air.  To kick off the weekend, Marty and I actually got to go out for dinner tonight while Ev got spoiled at her grandparents’ for the evening.  It’s amazing what a night out can do for you after a long, nerve-wracked work week.  We have another busy weekend in store but, as always, we’re sneaking in plenty of playtime, ‘cause that’s how we do it.  So far on the agenda: Saturday morning thrifting, Sunday BBQ, and possibly even an apple picking trip.  Anyhoo, happy weekend to you – hope you enjoy!


Our Laid Back Saturday

Hi there,

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday! We sure did, even though it was pretty quiet and relaxed in comparison to the usual.  It was here and gone before we knew it, but we definitely took the every second to enjoy our little one and some time out of work-mode.

We cleaned house a bit and then did some errand running and ” bumming ” as we like to refer to it.  After a couple of stops, we ended up at The Mud House, our absolute favorite coffeehouse, and had a nice little impromptu lunch date with just us three.  We both had some pretty spectacular sammies – I had this amazing goat cheese sandwich with carmelized onions and orange marmalade, and Papa had (of course) house-made sausage with a pickled cucumber relish. Nom!  Besides trying to gnaw my face off with her new chompers, Everly was very well-behaved, so she got to pick out a purdy new party dress at the store afterward.

Later that night, Mart & I decided to make dinner together instead of going out.  We roasted a chicken, stuffed with fresh orange, lemon, garlic, and rosemary and made some pretty tasty sweet potato fries.  Nothing elaborate but it made our house smell sooooo good and it was delicious!

The rest of the night was spent hanging out in PJ’s, watching cable and folding baby laundry and cloth diapers.  There may or may not have been chocolate ice cream involved. We were exhausted after it all and ended up getting to bed pretty early that night and waking up refreshed (yes!) on Sunday.  It may not have been the most exciting weekend, but really, these are the types of weekends that I like the best.

How was your weekend?  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you and your loves did.



Has it really been four years since Marty and I tied the knot?  Feels like just yesterday we were getting ready to walk down the aisle.  I can still feel the sweltering 87 degree heat on my back as we whisked around Forest Park taking pictures with our wedding party and best friends, or the anxious feeling that overcame me as I clutched my father’s arm and the doors opened in that Church, or the overwhelming urge to burst into tears or laughter when we were first announced as husband and wife.  Such a proud day for us.

We spent our happy little Anniversary at home with our dogs, putting together Baby E’s crib and and talking about what a huge life changing event this little girl is going to be.  We celebrated with ice cream and fresh strawberries from the farmer’s market, and were thrilled when we spotted the first lightening bugs of the season who decided to make an appearance for our private celebration!  It sounds silly, but every little telltale sign of summer is a huge deal for us because we know that means she will be here soon.

Love you Marty and here’s to many more years of love, adventure and  babies!  Cheers! 🙂

The Handsome One

I was lucky to get out for a much-needed date night with The Handsome One this Saturday.  After enjoying some afternoon entertainment of crazy thunderstorms and torrential downpours, the sun came out and it turned into an absolutely beautiful day.  We hopped in the Yaris and did one of our favorite things: explore old neighborhoods and search for the perfect spot to want to build our dream home!  Of course, every time we do this we find a new spot, and though the liklihood of this happening anytime soon is pretty slim, we are two big dreamers who LOVE to let our imaginations take over.

That night, Marty ended up taking me to enjoy some fantastic Indian food at a new place we’ve never tried.  Who would have ever thought that an Indian restaurant on the top floor of a Best Western hotel would be soooo amazing!  We sat at this great window-side table with a pretty cool view of the airport enjoying Spinach Paratha, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, and Lamb Saagwala (our favorite!).  Marty had a Kingfisher beer while I enjoyed a Mango shake and the little girl kicked up a storm.  As we sat there watching planes take off and land on the tarmac, we couldn’t help but think about all the vacations we can’t wait to take as a family. Marty and I are going to try to get as many date nights in before our daughter is born.  Only 13 more weeks left and sooo much to do!

Belly Bump at 19 Weeks, 2 Days

19 weeks, 2 days

OK, so this is obviously not the best picture to show off my bump, but I like my outfit and wanted to post it anyways.  We took this Friday night on our way to Chez Leon.  Marty and I decided to celebrate our new jobs and little girl with some decadent French food at the Clayton restaurant where two of our best friends work.

When you’re nearly 20 weeks pregnant and you just spent the day trying on maternity clothes (Ugh, don’t EVEN get me started) and you get to dress up and hit the town with your husband, it’s always a good thing.  Plus, not one but TWO people told me that I was “very tall and beautiful” on my way to and from the restroom at Chez so I was feeling pretty darn good by then. 🙂

For all the foodies out there like us, here’s what we had for dinner:  Marty had the Pates Maison (country pate and chicken liver mousse) and to start and I had the Lyonnaise salad.  The salad was A-MAZ-ING, but what isn’t amazing with cubed warm bacon and a poached egg on top of it?  For my entree, I chose the seared tuna with peppercorn cream sauce (The little girl can’t have sushi, so this is the closest thing) which was insanely delicious.  Marty had the strip steak, medium rare, which he topped with the most fantastic Roquefort cheese and drank with a lively Pinot Noir (I can’t wait to have wine again, have I mentioned that?).  For dessert, we shared a zesty limon tarte that has the tastiest shortbread cookie crust served with fresh raspberries, along with the Tart Tatin, a caramel apple tart baked and served with vanilla ice cream.  Need I say more?  Mom, Dad, and baby went to bed with happy bellies that night. 🙂